BASEBALL: Setting up the last six

Setting the scene for the last six games here.

Ole Miss currently has an RPI of 47. Auburn visits this weekend with an RPI of 64. The Rebels close regular season play at Kentucky, which currently has an RPI of 39, so no real jump there if Ole Miss was go to to Lexington and win a series.

Ole Miss has 12 SEC wins, as does Alabama. Kentucky and Tennessee have 11. Arkansas and Auburn have 10. Mississippi State has seven.

This weekend’s schedule: Kentucky at Tennessee, Florida at Alabama, South Carolina at Arkansas, Georgia at Vanderbilt, Mississippi State at LSU, Auburn at Ole Miss.

Final weekend schedule: (Games played Thursday-Saturday.) Alabama at Georgia, Arkansas at Mississippi State, LSU at Auburn, Vanderbilt at Florida, Ole Miss at Kentucky, Tennessee at South Carolina.

Who will be the unlucky four to miss the SEC tournament? You figure State’s a long shot, but everybody else has a chance.

Looks like Alabama has a pretty difficult six games remaining with Florida and Georgia.

There are numerous examples of a team not making the SEC tournament but making the NCAA tournament. I don’t think that would apply to Ole Miss this year because of RPI. No doubt losses to Central Arkansas (174 RPI) and Arkansas State (186 RPI) are killing the Rebels right now.

The guess here is the Rebels need to make the SEC tournament and might even need to make it with a little breathing room if they want to feel good about their NCAA chances before play begins in Hoover.

— PA


5 Responses to “BASEBALL: Setting up the last six”

  1. john Says:

    Realistically speaking, baseball season is over and the future prospects are a bit gloomy. We messed around while the LSU types were down and have only an SEC Tourney Championship to show for being “the winningest team in the SEC the past five years”. We will now be the perrenial 15-15 or 16-14 SEC team that every now and then reaches a SuperRegional. But if we didn’t make it big with the talent and luck we’ve had the past 7 years and with folks (State, Bama, LSU, and Ark this year) being down in our neck of the woods — not sure we ever will. Such is life as an Ole Miss sports fan, unless you are an avid men’s tennis fan.

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I agree, John, tennis, or just, maybe, they could take up Cricket, where a much wider bat is used.

  3. SSA Says:

    LSU is only ahead by one game, and bianco has proven that he recruits players that win year after year. It’s a little early to be that pessimistic. Everyone thought that when we played Texas in the super regional that that was the high point and couldn’t be reached again. Then two years later Ole Miss is playing Miami. This years team just had a lot of injuries and is really streaky. That doesn’t mean they can’t get hot at the end, make the tournament and win a couple games there.

  4. Kevin Says:

    LSU is ahead by half a game because they didn’t play one earlier in the year.

  5. cr Says:

    The trend since Dan McDonnell left is not good.

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