FYI: Today’s agenda

Well, let’s try this agenda thing again.

The plan, anyway, calls for me to complete a tennis story advancing the Rebels’ NCAA regional with Indiana, Vanderbilt and Marist. I’m going to try and knock that out here shortly and then get on with the major business of the day — cutting and hauling three trees out of the backyard. I don’t own a chainsaw, so I didn’t get anything done on the tree-cutting front yesterday.

It appears there were no deaths from yesterday’s tornadoes, for which I am grateful. I don’t want to speak for homeowners in town, but I didn’t see any destroyed homes in the neighborhood here, less than a mile west of the airport, but there were several with heavy damage.

I’m going to have to bail out on the school picnic chaperone plan.

Cleanup continues today, and hopefully I’ll get a lot accomplished there before leaving this afternoon for a very important baseball series at Ole Miss. Important yes, but somehow it seems less important after yesterday. Still, the Rebels need to win this series against Auburn to solidify their postseason hopes.

I’ll have the in-game blog going tonight. Check in and leave a question or comment.

— PA


7 Responses to “FYI: Today’s agenda”

  1. rebelnate Says:

    It all starts tonight for the Rebels. We need Lance to be on his A game and hope Pomeranz stays his consistant self Saturday. Who knows what Satterwhite will do.

    Did Bob Huggins have to many cocktails on the plane the other night to help his fall or was it just an accident?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Didn’t know about Huggins. I’ll have to look it up.

    — PA

  3. rebelnate Says:

    He had to stay in the hospital. I think he hit his melon pretty hard.

  4. rebelnate Says:

    PA, We need a complete game out of Lance tonight or to get a big lead and hope Drew eats some innings Saturday. It would be nice to have Bittle available early on Sunday just in case you know who blows up again.

  5. VA Reb Says:

    PA, we got the bad weather last night that you guys had yesterday. A tornado in the neighborhood, but it didn’t hit our development. Had quite a few houses damaged in the area, but no injuries.

    Go Rebs this weekend….we need a series win! Larry

  6. cr Says:

    Let me know if you need a chainsaw.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Nate, Lance is due. Maybe it’s tonight.

    Larry, tornadoes are tough. It’s kind of a pick your poison thing. You get a lot more warning with a hurricane, and that saves lives. But you get a much harder hit with property damage in a hurricane. Houses in the same neighborhood are not going to be hit and missed as well. I haven’t been through an earthquake, at least not a real one. They tell us we got some shock from the one in Illinois a few weeks ago.

    CR, I appreciate the offer very much. I borrowed a chainsaw last night. I have spent the morning sawing, then hauling with my riding mower. Nothing hauls like a Deer.

    — PA

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