BASEBALL: Game 2 update file

We’re under way. It’s suddenly darker with a trace of sun if that makes sense. Follow along in the comments section.

— PA


17 Responses to “BASEBALL: Game 2 update file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    First Inning
    Auburn batting
    Mummey on 1-strike count singles hard past Overbeck at third. … Bianucci count goes 2-1. … Mummey steals second … Bianucci count goes 2-2 then Ks swinging, but Basham drops the ball. On the throw to first Mummey takes third. … Morris … He’s a big guy. … Count goes 0-2 … then single through left side, that’s the opposite way for Morris, and Auburn leads 1-0. … First three batters have gotten good swings against Pomeranz, and now Sanders singles on the first pitch. … 3 hits, 2 runners on, 1 out. … Bianco visits the mound. … Pomeranz isn’t fooling too many people. These guys aren’t hitting rockets right now, but they’re getting clean basehits. If you’re giving up those in the first, rockets usually follow. … Fletcher … slow roller to first. Runners advance. 2 outs. … Jones … This guy was a late defensive replacement last night and was 0-for-1. … If Pomeranz can get out of this without another run that would be big, especially the way they’ve made contact. … Count 2-0. … Why not go ahead and get the .311 hitter now instead of facing the .348 guy, Cunningham, with the bases loaded? … Count goes 2-2 then … Ks looking at a curve. 3 outs.

    3 hits, 1 run, 2 LOB, 21 pitches for Pomeranz.

    Auburn 1, Ole Miss 0

    Ole Miss batting
    The top of the first took 16 minutes. Not a good sign. … It was just announced that Ole Miss coach Mike Bianco has been named to the All-Alex Box Stadium team at LSU for the “Omaha Era.” There was polite applause by some followed by a robust Go to Hell LSU.

    Henry … flies to left on 1-0 pitch. Lazy fly but wind carries it to track. 1 out. … Fuller Smith. … Count 1-2 after a short delay to allow home plate umpire Paul Guillie to recover from being hit by a pitch … Count goes 3-2. … Might be the first 3-2 count Fuller Smith has seen this year. … walk. … Logan Power … count goes 0-2 … ground ball to short forces Smith for second out. … Power safe at first. I’m not sure Auburn 2B Justin Hargett was on the bag when he got the throw, but he got the call. … Overbeck. … Big swing, strike out. … count goes 1-2, then … fly ball to track in CF. 3 out.

    no runs, no hits, no errors.

    Auburn 1, Ole Miss 0.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Second Inning
    Auburn batting
    Cunningham Ks. 1 out. … Hargett flies to left. 2 outs. … Jenkins. … nine hole hitter. … count goes 2-2. … fly to RF. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss batting
    Matt Smith … count 2-2. … fly to RF. 1 out. .. Guerrero pops to first in foul territory. … Miller looks at a called third strike. 3 out.

    Auburn 1, Ole Miss 0

  3. djrebel Says:

    Third Inning
    Auburn batting
    Mummey … It was pretty clear in the first that if he gets on base he’s running. … Count 2-2. .. Count 3-2 then … walk. … Mummey’s on first. … Started this way in the first. … Bianucci … Mummey’s gone on first pitch. No sense faking anything. … He’s in safely with enough time to have a sandwich before the ball arrives. … Bianucci count 1-1 … pop to RF. 1 out. … It’s shallow and Mummey doesn’t try for third. … Morris. … His single scored Mummey in first. … Pickoff play almost gets Mummey, but he’s still there. … Count is 0-2. … Wild pitch bounces in front of Basham and Mummey goes to third. … Count 1-2 on Morris. … Fly ball makes it 2-0. So will a single, and he’s capable of that as well. … Morris has 11 home runs this year. … He’s playing hurt with a problem in his side. … Count 2-2 … E2. … Nubber in front of plate grabbed by Basham. He looks at Mummey, then throws wild to first. … Auburn 2-0. … No hits but another run and a runner in scoring position … So much for momentum from last night’s win. …. Rebels may need a Ferguson blast in the ninth again today. … Sanders 6-3. 2 outs. Nice back-handed stop by Ferguson. Morris to third. … Fletcher goes over the RF wall. 4-0. … Now that was a hit. … It was drifting foul off the bat of the right-handed hitting Fletcher, but it didn’t drift far enough. … Jones Ks swinging. 3 outs.

    Give Auburn 3 runs on Basham’s error, since Fletcher’s blast came with 2 outs. Inning would have been over on Sanders’ ground ball had Basham made the play at first.

    3 runs on 1 hit, 1 error

    Auburn 4, Ole Miss 0

    Ole Miss batting
    Ferguson … easy pop to RF on a 1-0 count. 1 out. … Basham … first-pitch swinging and pops to catcher in foul territory. … Once through the order and Thompson looks like he has a 0.57 ERA instead of a 6.57 ERA. … Henry lines to second 3 outs.

    Ole Miss has reached base once on a fielder’s choice by Logan Power in the first.

    Auburn 4, Ole Miss 0

  4. djrebel Says:

    Fourth Inning
    Here’s a scenario for you … Say the Rebels don’t come back from a 6-0 deficit. … then all of a sudden you’re two games into the series and your national pitcher of the year candidate, Scott Bittle, hasn’t been in a game. Do you start him? Satterwhite has given his team a chance to win, but Bittle has been dominant. Food for thought.

    Auburn batting
    Cunningham singles. … Hargett lays down a bunt and Overbeck throws it into the construction zone. … Second error of the series for Overbeck. … Jenkins, the nine-hole hitter. Rebels just can’t seem to get to Mummey’s spot in the order qauick enough. … Jenkins smashes one past Smith at first. …. Cunningham and Hargett score to make it 6-0. … Jenkins to second. … These are the rockets I referred to earlier. … Bukvich to the pen. … Runner at second no outs for Mummey … It’s safe to say Pomeranz doesn’t have the stuff he had a couple of weeks ago. There have been waning signs. … Mummey pops to Basham. 1 out. … That’s big. Now he can’t get on base and make it 8-0. … Bianucci singles. … Runners first and third for Morris, who has singled and rached on an error. … Morris singles to RF to make it 7-0, but Bianucci is gunned down at third by Jordan Henry for the second out. … Sanders goes over the wall in left-center on the first pitch to make it 9-0. … Maybe that will finish Pomeranz. I guess Buk just couldn’t get warm quick enough. … What in the world is Shepard Smith thinking? The Fox News anchor and vocal Ole Miss supporter was the graduation speaker today, and he’s at the game. … Buk’s on the mound warming up.

    All right, I took a break from the carnage to go get supper. Buk got out of the inning somehow. I’ll have to send you to Gametracker for the details.

    We’re in the bottom of the fourth now, and the Rebels have two on with 1 out. Still no hits, Fuller Smith walked, Logan Power got out, and Overbeck reached on an error.

    Auburn 9, Ole Miss 0

  5. methuselah1933 Says:

    tiggers luv rebbells

  6. djrebel Says:

    Bottom of the Fourth
    Rebels get two on and fail to score. Thompson’s no-hitter is still in tact.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Top Fifth
    Buk sets Auburn down in order.

    9-0 Tigers with Miller, Ferguson, Basham coming up.

  8. cr Says:

    If you can’t play pitch and catch (defense is awful), if your bottom of the order guys insist on swinging at the first pitch and popping it up – it don’t really does not matter who pitches. To answer your question – I think Biddle does best as a reliever and probably is best following a hard thrower but Satterwhite would not start for me.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Top of the Sixth

    I’m short on the details now as I begin to work on the print edition gamer. Buk seems to have slowed things down, but when you can’t hit you can’t hit, and nine runs back is a pretty big deal.

    Buk gives up a two-run double, and it’s now 11-0.

    The bottom has begun, and Henry is trying to break up the no-hitter.

  10. methuselah1933 Says:

    rebel safari in cat hunt not good,tiggers today wildcats morrow maybe dey need rest next season could be better

  11. djrebel Says:

    Top of the Seventh
    No-hitter going strong. Auburn’s pen is enjoy the day off. They’re lobbing balls to one another in the pen down in right field, while Cunning ham just recorded their 11th hit.

    There are more seats than fans in the grandstand. Bill Smallwood of Tupelo and his boys have had enough. They’re heading home.

    Matt Smith breaks up the no-hitter with a 1-out single, but that’s all the action against Thompson.

    Auburn 11, Ole Miss 0

  12. djrebel Says:

    Bottom of the Ninth
    Tim Ferguson has added a hit, the second for the Rebels. They’re down 11-0 and sending Power, Overbeck and Matt Smith to the plate.

  13. djrebel Says:

    FINAL: Auburn 11, Ole Miss 1
    Two-out RBI single for Logan Williams in the ninth. Rebels finish with 4 hits.

  14. methuselah1933 Says:

    rebells ned get rid of range rover idea come back to land rover dey carry you better in jungle

  15. rebmus Says:

    MSU is already eliminated from Hoover. Auburn and UT are dang near eliminated. OM really needs to pick up a win over Auburn tomorrow to have that tie-breaker… just in case.

    With a red hot LSU team coming to Auburn next weekend, we likely won’t need the tie-breaker over Auburn anyway.

    Either way, the Rebels are almost assured a spot at Hoover. It’d be nice to clinch early and gain the “Mo” heading into the SEC tourney and beyond.

  16. Kurt Says:

    Actually, we are tied with UK for the eighth and final spot. Arkansas (who plays last place State next weekend) could easily jump us … especially if we lose tomorrow. On top of that … every other team that we might hope would help us back our way in (USC, UAl, UF) has the tiebreaker over us. Kentucky will too unless we win next weekend.

    Bottom line, we need to win tomorrow and win 2 next weekend or we are likely going to need help. Maybe UAl or USC will give it since they play each other next week.

    You’d think with all that is going against us … and how huge a win today would have been (would’ve moved us to the 5 seed) … that this team would have showed up more.

  17. methuselah1933 Says:

    dreams hopefulness good achievements reality good season its short

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