BASEBALL: Game 3 update file

We’ll be getting started in about 5 minutes. Now the bad news. The wind is blowing out to left in hearty gusts. At times the flag is stiff as a board pointing toward Pontotoc.

Cody Satterwhite is the starter. He’s allowed 11 home runs, and opponents are batting .304 against him.

Follow along in the comments section.

— PA


28 Responses to “BASEBALL: Game 3 update file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    First Inning
    Auburn batting
    Mummey … The guy was a terror yesterday. Got on base four out of five times and scored three times. … He’s a lefty with three home runs and a wind to right that just won’t stop. … Count goes 1-2 then 3-2 and ball 4. … Bianucci … count goes 2-0, two foul balls, count 2-2. … pop to third. It’s an out, but not without adventure. Overbeck tripped over the bag to get into foul territory, and the wind blew it back almost fair before Overbeck made a nice grab. … 1 out. … Morris. … Satterwhite has made two nice moves to first, close plays, but Mummey’s still there. He’ll be at second shortly. … 1-1 count to Morris. … K looking. 2 outs. … Sanders … had a two-run home run in a five-run fourth yesterday. … They’re really working to hold Mummey to first, and he’s still there, though that throw almost reached the construction zone. Nice grab byh Matt Smith. … Mummey’s at second now, and third and home, because Sanders just got a fly ball into that breeze. Auburn leads 2-0. … Bomb No. 12 allowed by Satterwhite, leads the staff. Ole Miss weekend starters have now allowed 32 home runs. … 1-1 count to Fletcher, who goes 2-2 and flies to CF.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 0

    I’m going to make this point before the game gets out of hand, and I start focusing on the print edition gamer. This game is huge for Ole Miss. I alluded to that in the gamer today, but with the quick turnaround you don’t have time to do it justice.

    The Rebels look like they’ve don’t have much confidence right now. They’re playing at home with a chance for their 14th SEC win. They finish on the road next week at Kentucky. No gimmes there. 14 wins might get you to Hoover. 13 might not.

    While the weekend starters have allowed 32 home runs, national pitcher of the eyar candidate Scott Bittle has allowed just one. He’ll get in the game at some point today.

    Ole Miss batting
    Henry first-pitch swinging grounds to short. 1 out. … Fuller Smith walks. … Logan Power pops to CF. 2 outs. … Overbeck on 0-1 count grounds to third. 3 outs.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 0

  2. jkwakefield Says:

    Just saw your blog on the frontpage, which is highly coincidental, because I grew up in Oxford. I actually know Brent Brownlee, who plays for the Rebs. I really like that banner pic!

  3. djrebel Says:

    Second Inning
    Auburn batting
    Fletcher flies to CF on 2-1 count. 1 out. … Cunningham flies to RF. 2 outs. … Hargett flies to left-center, Power makes the catch. 3 outs.

    On the 12 home runs allowed by Satterwhite, 10 have come in the last six games.

    Ole Miss batting
    Matt Smith … struck out only once yesterday but appears on his way to equaling that mark in this at-bat … Count 1-2 … Smith had a single to break up the no-hitter yesterday. … Count goes 3-2 … Been a while since Smith’s seen a 3-2 count. … He’s walked only 19 times this year to go along with 55 Ks. … two foul balls, Greinke and Smith are both battling. … Ground ball to third. … Cunningham moves to his left and makes a nice play. 1 out. … Guerrero down 0-2 then 1-2 and Ks swinging. 2 outs. … Miller down 0-2, and he’s gone in three pitches swinging. … Greinke’s no-hitter is still in tact.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 0

  4. kylebuddy Says:

    Do you think there safe if they win two at Kentucky?

  5. djrebel Says:

    Kylebuddy, I don’t expect them to win two at Kentucky. Maybe they’ll win one. They could get swept. I’ll say they win one, because they usually get some pretty good pitching somewhere along the weekend, and they haven’t been swept this year. You can’t take anything for granted, however.

    — PA

  6. djrebel Says:

    Third Inning
    Auburn batting
    Jenkins goes 3-2 in the count, then pops to Smith in first base foul territory. 1 out. … Top of the order. … Mummey, the basepath terror is up. Can’t keep this guy off the bases. … Down in count 0-2. … Maybe he won’t walk. … Ks swinging 2 outs. … Bianucci goes 3-2 in count then flies to CF. 3 outs.

    Satterwhite has retired seven in a row and has had two straight 3-up, 3-down innings. Ole Miss never sat the Tigers down in order in back-to-back innings yesterday. Five of Sat’s last seven outs have been fly balls, and that’s a little scary given the wind, which is still pretty strong.

    Maybe the Rebels can take advantage of the wind now. They’ve got a pop-up, two strikeouts and three ground outs right now. Excuse me, four ground outs. Stuyverson rolls to short on the first pitch of the bottom of the third.

    Ole Miss batting
    Stuyverson 6-3. 1 out. … Basham … The Ole Miss catcher had been hitting pretty well to get his average up to around .300, but he’s slid down to .285. … Count goes 2-1, then 3-2. … Basham started heading to first for a walk but was called back so he could ground out to short. 2 outs. … Top of the order. … Henry. … He regained his starting position in right field but has lost about 10 points off his batting average this weekend. … Count goes 1-2 then 2-2 and flies to RF. 3 outs.

    After three complete, there has been only one hit, and Auburn scored two runs off it, Sanders’ first-inning home run.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 0

  7. djrebel Says:

    Thanks JK. What’s your recipe for waking up these bats over here?

    — PA

  8. djrebel Says:

    Fourth Inning
    Auburn batting
    Morris … count goes 3-1 … Satterwhite hasn’t been falling behind hitters a lot today … Count goes 3-2 then walks. … Morris doesn’t run well, but that won’t matter if Sanders homers again. … Sanders … bunts … Morris is out as Overbeck throws to Stuyverson covering second. 1 out. … Bunt defense has been a problem for Ole Miss, but that looked pretty good. … Fletcher Ks looking. 2 outs. … Hall grounds to short to force Sanders. 3 outs.

    Arkansas has defeated South Carolina 4-2 to complete a sweep and will pass Ole Miss in the West standings if the Rebels lose today.

    As Ole Miss comes to bat in the fourth, Auburn pitching has held the Rebels scoreless in 16 of the 21 innings played this weekend.

    Ole Miss batting
    Fuller Smith … 1-1 count and flies to RF. 1 out. … Play has been delayed by a swarm of bees in right field. Yes, that’s right. I wouldn’t kid you about a thing like that. … Auburn players are back in position. … Logan Power is down 0-2 in the count … K. 2 outs. … Overbeck first-pitch swining grounds to first. 3 outs.

    That is now 17 scoreless innings in 22 innings played.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 0

  9. methuselah1933 Says:

    could be dem ole miss boys hury get college season over so dey go pro make dollars

  10. m4rebs Says:

    What in the world is going on PA? We are in serious trouble this year, don’t you agree? There won’t be any trip to Hoover or anywhere else after the debacle from yesterday. You don’t lose by 10 runs when the season is on the line, unless you’re us, when we MUST play our best, we play our worst – see 0-8 SEC Record in Football; NIT blowout in Baskets; and now this series. Why can’t we answer the bell, ever?

  11. m4rebs Says:

    meth, none of your comments make any sense what-so-ever. Ever. Appreciate your insight though. I’ve always wondered what an ape thought of Ole Miss athletics.

  12. m4rebs Says:

    Going to be hard to raise the new addition an Ole Miss fan. Dealing with this curse is hard year-round now.

  13. methuselah1933 Says:

    some distant cousins

  14. djrebel Says:

    Matt, how are you man? You got two kids yet? How’s mom on Mother’s Day?

    — PA

  15. djrebel Says:

    Fifth Inning
    Cunningham … singles sharply to CF. … Second hit of the game … How long do you go without using one of the top pitchers in the nation? … Maybe not much longer, Bittle just ran to the pen. … Bianco to the mound. … Maybe Bittle will get ready quicker than Buk did yesterday. Auburn continued to pound Pomeranz while Buk was getting warm. … Satterwhite has pitched well, but there’s no recent history to suggest he’s not about to give up another blast or two. … The way Bittle has pitched this season leaving him on the bench is the equivalent of not playing Eli Manning. … Count is 3-1 on Hargett. … Cunningham breaks on the pitch, ground ball to Miller, who tags Cunningham and throws to first to get Hargett. Double play. 2 outs. … The throw to second pulled Smith off the bag, but he made a nice catch and tag. … Smith really is athletic at first base. I would imagine he’ll figure things out in the decision-making process and be a better player as a sophomore. … Count 2-0 on the nine-hole hitter Jenkins. … count goes 3-1 … walk. … Top of the order … Now it’s Mummey the basepath terror … Flies to LF on first pitch. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss batting
    Matt Smith … fly ball to CF on first pitch, gets it in the win and it drifts out. Home run. Auburn 2, Ole Miss 1. … Guerrero drops a blooper behind second in shallow RF on 1-2 count. … Rebels have back-to-back hits for the first time since Friday in the ninth. … 383 on the HR distance for Smith. … Miller singles past third base. … Cunningham was playing up to guard against the bunt. It would have likely been a routine out otherwise, but the Rebels have 2 on and no out for Stuyverson, who can’t get down the bunt on the first attempt. … Stuyverson. … or the second attempt. 2 strikes. … action in the pen for Auburn. … Stuyverson tries a two-strike bunt, misses it, and Guerrero is caught too far off the bag at second. … Jenkins guns him down for a strike out-throw out double play. 2 out , 1 on for Basham. … Basham reaches on infield single, Miller safe at second. …Henry … Miller picked off at second. 3 outs.

    4 hits, 1 run. … 2 outs on the basepaths, at second base no less. This doesn’t look like a postseason team right now.

    Auburn 2, Ole Miss 1

  16. djrebel Says:

    Sixth Inning
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a promising inning blow up as I just witnessed for the Rebels.

    Auburn batting
    Bianucci … 1-1 count … 3-1 count … You know bad fortune generally follows blown opportunity. … Bianucci walks. … Satterwhite has allowed 10 home runs in his last 6 games, including one earlier today. .. Bianco to the mound. … Satterwhite will not have the opportunity to give up an 11th home run.

    Scott Bittle is in the game. … Satterwhite is charged with two runs now and will be charged with three runs at most. He has again given his team a chance to win, and his offense has not responded … Bittle will start with Morris with a runner on first and no outs.

    Morris bloops to shallow left on a 2-1 count. … 2 on, no outs for Sanders, who has homered in two straight games, including a two-run shot in the first. … Sanders goes 2-2 then Ks swinging. He had a good looking bunt on his second strike, but it rolled foul. … Fletcher. … count goes 1-2 … then K swinging. 2 outs. … Hall … wind still blowing strong to RF, and Power is shaded that way. … Hall hits a hard grounder to the deep part of the dirt at second, Miller moves to his right, it bounces off his knee, he grabs it and makes a nice throw to first. 3 outs. 2 stranded.

    Ole Miss batting.
    Henry … singles. … second on a wild pitch. … Fuller Smith lays down a bunt, Henry takes third. Fuller gets loud, long applause for laying down a successfult bunt. … Runner at third, 1 out for Power, … 1-2 count. … action in the pen for Auburn. … Power … hits chopper that gets over the head of Cunningham at third. Henry scores to tie the game. 2-2. … Power at first, 1 out for Overbeck. … count goes 1-2 … Ks swinging. 2 outs. … Matt Smith … Auburn bullpen quiet. … Smith has not struck out, he’s ground out and homered. … count 1-2 after 2 foul balls. … long ball might have been a HR but was carried foul in right field. … I feel a whiff coming. … wild pitch gets Power to second. … Maybe he wont get picked off. … another wild pitch and Power is at third. … 3-2 count on Smith. … Ks swinging. 3 outs.

    1 run, 2 hits, 1 LOB.

    Ole Miss 2, Auburn 2
    Ole Miss tennis has defeated Vanderbilt 4-1 to advance to the NCAA Sweet 16 in Tulsa in two weeks.

  17. cr Says:

    We are behind because of walks and Satterwhite is out of the game after a lead off walk but for some unkown reason we don’t want them when we bat.

    Good outing by Satterwhite.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Good point. I like an aggressive approach at the plate, but you have to be willing to modify your approach at times. If you’re not getting hits you have to adjust.

  19. djrebel Says:

    Seventh inning
    Auburn batting
    Cunningham … Ks on 3 pitches. 1 out. … Hargett … count goes 1-2 … Ks on a check swing. 2 outs. … Jenkins, in the nine hole, goes 2-2 then Ks swinging. 3 outs.

    Still 2-2

    Ole Miss batting
    Guerrero … He singled in the fifth but was picked off at second. … count 1-2. … Hit by pitch. … Not good for a guy who had missed the last 15 games with a stress fracture before this weekend. … Hubbard in as a pinch-runner. … Miller … He also singled but was a pick-off victim in the fifth. … count 1-2 after Miller chases a curve outside. … count goes 2-2 then 3-2 single to left. … 2 on, no outs for pinch-hitter Tim Ferguson. … Greinke gets a mound visit, action in the pen for Auburn. … Ferguson … gets down the bunt, Greinke goes to third, but Hubbard beats the throw. … Bases loaded no outs for Basham. … Auburn’s coach Tom Slater is arguiing with third base umpire Paul Guillie. Slater loses. … Greinke still in. … Deep fly ball would give Ole Miss the lead. … Basham. … count 1-2 after foul ball in RF territory. … Basham fly ball to CF, not terribly deep, but Hubbard scores easily (3-2), the throw from Mummey goes to third base, so Miller stays at second, Ferguson at first.

    That’s it for Greinke, new Auburn pitcher is Evan Crawford, a lefty with a 2.08 ERA in 39 innings. Crawford will start with the top of the order, Jordan Henry.

    Henry … count goes 2-0 … 3-0… balk … runners move up … count 3-1 … balk again … Miller scores (4-2), Ferguson to third. … Auburn infield up on the grass now. … It’s a squeeze attempt, but Henry’s bunt goes foul … 3-2 count. … ball 4. … runners at the corners, 1 out, for Fuller Smith … Smith gets a single through the right side, Ferguson scores (5-2), Henry to third easily. …

    Auburn is changing pitchers again. … New pitcher is Bryan Woodall, fourth in the nation in saves when the weekend began, but the Rebels hit him pretty good in Friday’s ninth-inning rally. … Woodall begins with runners at the corners, 1 out and Logan Power at the plate. …. Power is 1-for-3 with an RBI single in the sixth.

    Power … count goes 2-1 … tap back to the mound … Henry caught in a rundown between third and home for the second out, Fuller Smith thrown out trying to get to third and may have hurt his hand in the process. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 5, Auburn 2

  20. cr Says:

    Little things big – bunt brings in 3B and allows Power to get groundball by him – otherwise we still trail

    Congrats to Reb Tennis

  21. djrebel Says:

    Eighth Inning
    This is the scenario most Ole Miss fans would want right now, a three-run lead with Bittle pitching and Auburn down to six outs. The Rebels rocked Auburn’s bullpen ace Friday night. We’ll see if Bittle can hold on for the win.

    Fuller Smith stays in the game in left field.

    Auburn batting
    Top of the order. … Mummey … count goes 1-2 after he chases an outside pitch. … Ks swinging. 1 out. … Bianucci … count goes 2-1 … Bianucci is being more selective than Mummey … count goes 2-2 … 3-2 … ball 4. … it’s low, hits Basham, and he looks to be in a bit of pain. … Bianucci to first … Morris … has 11 home runs this season, a lefty with the wind blowing strong to RF. … pops to shallow left and Smith makes the catch. 2 outs. … Sanders. … homered in the first and has since reached on a fielder’s choice and struck out. … easy ground ball to short to force Bianucci. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss batting
    Overbeck gets off a great swing that would have been a home run on any other day or a home run today if he’d have hit to right and not center. Mummey runs it down. 1 out. … Better for Ole Miss to have that breeze now than to have had it against this guy Friday night when Ferguson was batting. … Matt Smith … count goes 0-2 … K swinging. 1 out. … Hubbard. … count goes 3-1 … then walk. … Miller … Hubbard caught stealing. … fifth out on the bases for the Rebels, 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 5, Auburn 2

  22. djrebel Says:

    Ninth Inning
    Auburn batting
    Fletcher … count 2-2 … Ks looking at a nasty inside cutter. 1 out. … Hall … easy roller to first. 2 outs. … pinch-hitter is Ben Jones. … Count goes 2-0 … then 2-2 … They’re on their feet for Bittle. Single up the middle. … Hargett … grounder to second.

    FINAL: Ole Miss 5, Auburn 2

  23. m4rebs Says:

    Going ok PA. Had the other little boy on Tuesday last week. Tried to do some posting from the hospital, but it didn’t let me, must have been a network snafu of some kind. Anyway, doing ok, 2 kids are busy man. Hope you are doing ok and hope the damage isn’t too time consuming on the repairs from the storm this past week.

  24. m4rebs Says:

    Can you translate the meth dude, PA?

  25. djrebel Says:

    Haven’t been able to figure out the Meth man, but all who follow the basic rules of courtesy and decency are welcome. We’re OK at my house, thanks. The back yard is cleaned up with only three stumps remaining. I’ll have to get someone in to ground them, and I’ve got to get an estimate on a new patio roof. Congratulations on No. 2.

    — PA

  26. rebelnate Says:

    Hey PA I got a guy I get you in contact with to ground those stumps for ya pretty cheap if you need somebody.

  27. rebelnate Says:

    And he can do the patio roof.

  28. djrebel Says:

    Nate, I appreciate the recommendations, but I’m making pretty good progress on both fronts right now. If one of these falls through I’ll get in touch with you. Thanks.

    — PA

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