FYI: Today’s agenda

The week is condensed with SEC baseball series beginning on Thursday in this, the final week of the regular season.

That means Wednesday is a travel day for Ole Miss, which heads to Kentucky and will end the regular season as it began it, on the road.

I’ll review the weekend that just concluded and look ahead to the Kentucky series later today. Winning the series against Auburn was a must for Ole Miss, but it has guaranteed the Rebels nothing except the chance to remain in the mix for postseason play. Had the Rebels lost it would have created an enormous amount of pressure for the series in Lexington. That pressure will be there this weekend, because no berth is secure yet, but if the Rebels come away with just one win to go 15-15 in the SEC, that gives them a pretty good shot.

I’ll also be working on an opinion piece on Ole Miss baseball for the Tuesday print edition.

This is a week to shift gears a little bit on a couple of late spring, early summer projects that Gregg and I have going on as well.

— PA


4 Responses to “FYI: Today’s agenda”

  1. rebmus Says:

    I’m not sure 15 would get us to Hoover. Assuming we won 15, we’d need one of the following to happen.
    * Arkansas lose 2 of 3 to MSU. MSU has been playing horrid, Arkansas has been playing well. MAYBE MSU will come out and send Polk off a winner at home.
    *Vandy sweeps at Florida. I’m serioulsy doubting this happens.
    *Georgia sweeps Bama (at UGA). Most possible scenario imo, but I wouldn’t count on this one either.
    * Tennessee takes 2 of 3 at South Carolina. Seen UT play lately? I’d be shocked, totally shocked, if this one happened.

  2. rebmus Says:

    *Another one… Auburn would have to sweep LSU, which won’t happen either.

  3. rebmus Says:

    Ugh, scratch that last one… LSU would be 15-14-1.. ahead of OM.

  4. djrebel Says:

    This is going to be a tough week for the Rebels, because they have the tie-breaker with no one. Basically, they have to finish 1 game better than whoever they’re competing with for an SEC spot. The larger question is will the selection committee take a 15-15 Ole Miss team that doesn’t reach Hoover? The most likely scenario this weekend is that Ole Miss wins one game in Lexington, whatever game Bittle pitches.

    — PA

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