BASEBALL: A matchup to keep an eye on

An interesting matchup to watch for Ole Miss at Kentucky this season will be the number of home runs allowed by starting pitching. The Ole Miss rotation has allowed 32, the Kentucky rotation 17. The Wildcats’ park is short in right field, just 310 down the line and 350 in the alley.

I like the Rebels’ chances if it gets in the hands of the bullpen, not something I thought I’d be saying a year ago, but Scott Bittle has performed at a high level all year, and it would appear that Jake Morgan and Brett Bukvich are really coming on.

Pitching was expected to be a strength of this team. While run production has been — The Rebels’ 149 runs scored against SEC foes ranks 11th, ahead of only Mississippi State — pitching has been pretty good but not of All-American caliber.

Lance Lynn, Drew Pomeranz and Cody Satterwhite most often have given the Rebels’ a chance to win but have not had many efforts where they’ve said, “Climb aboard guys, I’m going to carry this team a while.”

The starting pitching needs to up its game this weekend and keep the ball in the park. A few more runs by the offense wouldn’t hurt either.

— PA


7 Responses to “BASEBALL: A matchup to keep an eye on”

  1. SSA Says:

    Last night a couple of kentucky beat writers were on rebel yell, and they were saying that kentucky had a closer the same caliber as bittle, what do you know about him?

  2. djrebel Says:

    My guess is that would be Andrew Albers (7-3, 2.09, 4 saves, 47 1-3 IP, 55 SO, 14 BB). Good numbers and no doubt a good closer, but I’d have to see him before I put him in the same class as Bittle. A good closer always makes it tough, especially when your offense is prone to slow starts, as is Ole Miss’.

    I will say, however, the Rebels did a good job against a successful Georgia bullpen (though not Joshua Fields) in the Saturday game, and rallied against Auburn’s Bryan Woodall, who ranked fourth in the nation in saves at the time.

    — PA

  3. rebelnate Says:

    Bittle is dominant and not just a closer. He can give you 6 or 7 strong innings per outing if he need s to. Lets just hope he don’t need to.

  4. rebelnate Says:

    Any updates on Evan?

  5. djrebel Says:

    Checking on Button now. He was getting better and was doing more in practice. Guerrero’s foot responded well after playing three games as DH. He could get in the outfield a little bit this weekend.

    — PA

  6. rebelnate Says:

    The depth is there we just need to put it all together.

  7. john Says:

    the short field scares me combined with our homeruns and throw in UK being at home and desperate to make the tourney… I see three blowouts and this frustrating season mercifully comes to an end. And then next year we probably win 45 regular season games but the rejuvenated LSU program wins 46. They host us in a superregional. We lose. And we assume the postition we know so well, close but no cigar.

    Football anyone?

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