BASEBALL: Just win baby

Was it Al Davis or Pete Boone who said that first?

The Rebels have not been swept in an SEC series, and a single win in Lexington would do wonders for their postseason lives right now.

As of today, a single victory does not clinch a spot in the SEC tournament, but that win combined with a loss by either South Carolina or Arkansas would do the trick. If the Rebels fail to win a game they will be 14-16 and would need South Carolina and Arkansas to get swept as well.

Two wins, and the Rebels are definitely in, but I never thought they’d win two this weekend. Maybe they’ll surprise me, but they’re not playing like a team with a lot of confidence right now. Some players are playing well, but on offense there aren’t enough players playing well at the same time to get the runs across.

Last night was a pitching disaster, though Brett Bukvich wasn’t just terrible in relief with two earned runs and five hits over 3 2-3.

The biggest questions in search of one win are when to push the Bittle Button, and will the circumstances by conducive to an Ole Miss win when the time comes?

— PA


6 Responses to “BASEBALL: Just win baby”

  1. rebelgiant66 Says:

    Okay, so we’ll root for the dogs this weekend!

    What is the status of Lance Lynn?

  2. cr Says:

    Do you think anyone on the Ole Miss coaching staff noticed that Kentucky rarely swung at the first pitch and by the 4th inning Lynn was approaching 100 pitches and all but done.

  3. john Says:

    please let this season to come to an end… it is hard to watch.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Yeah, right.

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Okay, so we’ll root for the dogs this weekend!”

    Yeah! Agree, Rebels not pulling their share of this load.

  6. Jimmy Barbee Says:


    *1. GEORGIA
    *2. LSU
    4. KENTUCKY (Defeated Florida 2 of 3)
    5. FLORIDA (Lost to Kentucky 2 of 3)
    6. ALABAMA
    7. OLE MISS

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