FOOTBALL: Will Powe finally make it?

That will be the SEC’s call since the NCAA, in its ruling last August, gave Jerrell Powe a “pass and you can play” decision.

Word is that Powe, the prep All-American defensive tackle from Wayne County, made passing grades in his year on campus. However, the SEC historically does not take partial qualifiers. The key difference between Powe’s status and the old Prop 48s is that, although he was on scholarship, he was not allowed to practice with the football team last fall.

I tried to get a comment from the SEC last week about when it might rule or what factors would be important in the decision-making process. Not surprisingly, I could get no where near commissioner Mike Slive with those questions, and the league issued a no comment.

When all else fails, Don Jackson will comment. He was Powe’s lead attorney and has maintained contact with Powe over the last year, talking with him usually once a month or so. Those conversations were generally of a “how’s it going?” nature.

This is such a volatile subject involving the integrity of academics with the general competitiveness of recruiting. Not everyone will want Jerrell Powe certified by the SEC.

Ole Miss coaches expressed optimism this summer that Powe will be eligible. He was at spring practice each day dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and usually placing the dummies as the defensive linemen went through agility drills.

Jackson said he’s not heard of any background factors at work that would prohibit the SEC from certifying his Powe.

Technically, Jackson and Powe do not have a professional relationship at this time, because there is no need for representation. Jackson, who has a history of representing athletes against the NCAA, will be back on board if this saga takes a legal turn this summer.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Will Powe finally make it?”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Will Powe finally make it?”.

    Will Tommy Tuberville return to Ole Miss and rescue them again?

  2. va reb Says:

    I think that if Powe makes the grades he should play. After all, I flunked my freshman year but graduated after I passed my later courses..don’t see that Powe is any different. LB

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