BASEBALL: Practice at Samford

Once with Mississippi State and four times with Ole Miss I’ve covered a team that won its first two games and got the bye on Friday.

That makes Friday one of the most enjoyable days of this tournament, because it offers a chance for all involved, including the media, to power down a little bit.

Samford has first-class athletic facilities across the board, and the practice takes place at the school’s baseball stadium, Joe Lee Griffin Field.

Players are relaxed, because it’s the day after a big win. Emotions were really running high for them just several hours ago, but now they’ve had a chance to get a little sleep. They know they’re coming out for a light workout and will enjoy some free time later in the day.

For most Ole Miss players today, that means a cookout at Fuller Smith’s house in nearby Vestavia Hills. They’ll keep an eye on the Vanderbilt-South Carolina game, but I didn’t hear of anyone who was eager to go sit out in the stadium and watch that game.

It doesn’t usually take much to get Cody Satterwhite (left) to loosen up, as evidenced today by the baseball glove he wears on his head during interviews.

At right, is Drew Bianco milling about on the turf at Joe Lee Griffin Field. I’m not sure exactly where he falls in line with the Biancos, but this was before he and a couple of brothers took batting practice.

— PA


One Response to “BASEBALL: Practice at Samford”

  1. Jay Stokes Says:

    hey PA….it’s a shame i missed you all out at Samford….i’m a pharmacy student there. i was actually on campus today and had no idea everyone was over at the baseball field.

    i’m assuming satterwhite will start tomorrow against the winner of vandy/USC……IF they pull out a win tomorrow (that’s a big IF), do you think lance would be ok to pitch on sunday? that will have been a four day rest for him………and i don’t know of anyone else who would be rested and would be good enough to take the mound on championship sunday…….other than scott bittle, who doesn’t seem to be an option for bianco.

    take care……Go Rebs….

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