BASEBALL: SEC game 3 update file

We’re about to crank it up here. Just like last year, it’s Ole Miss and Vanderbilt, and the Rebels have two chances to win one game and reach the finals. They were unable to beat Vanderbilt once in this arrangement last year. No No. 8 seed — which Ole Miss is — has reached the SEC championship under the current format, which began in 1996.

Vanderbilt is throwing right-hander Taylor Hill, who appears to be a mid-week guy — 15 appearances, 7 starts, 43 IP, 42 hits, 17 BB, 41 SO, 4.19 ERA.

Not a bad contingent of Ole Miss fans today. Since David Macias has already homered before I could get this posted, they may be in for a long day. Vandy leads 1-0.

— PA


23 Responses to “BASEBALL: SEC game 3 update file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Macias leads off with a HR on a 1-1 count, the team-leading 13th allowed by Cody Satterwhite. Ole Miss 3 SEC starters have allowed 34 home runs. … Feinberg flied to right, got good aluminum on it. 1 out. … Alvarez hits a hard chopper to first, Matt Smith makes a great play to his left, then slips but tosses to Satterwhite for out no. 2. … Flayerty singles through the left side. … 1 on, 2 out for de la Osa … Flaherty caught steal, Basham had him by a long shot.

    For the second straight year in this situation, Vanderbilt has led off Game 1 with a home run.

    1 run, 2 hits, 0 LOB

    Vanderbilt 1, Ole Miss 0

    Ole Miss batting
    Henry goes 0-2 and singles up the middle. … Fuller Smith … There’s a nice breeze blowing out at RF today, which is what Macias took advantage of and Fuller just tried to, but he’s down 0-2 now. … Actually, Macias’ ball was hit really well. … Smith down 1-2 now and Ks swinging. 1 out. … Power flies to RF on first pitch, hit fairly well but right at de la Osa. … Overbeck takes 2-1 pitch over wall in LF. Ole Miss leads 2-0. … 15th HR of the year for Overbeck, his first of this tournament. … Guerrero flies to RF. 3 outs.

    2 hits, 2 runs, 0 LOB

    Ole Miss 2, Vanderbilt 1

  2. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    de la Osa … goes 3-2 then singles. 3rd hit allowed by Satterwhite, who doesn’t appear to be fooling anybody. … Liddle flies to left on first pitch. 1 out. … de la Osa to second on wild pitch. … Giobbi on 1-2 count singles, de la Osa to third. … 2 on, 1 out for Robin … Satterwhite is being visited now by Bianco and a trainer. … Umpire is out on the mound too. … Rory McKean getting warm for Ole Miss. … Long discussion here, and a doctor coming out. … Satterwhite is coming out of the game. … Satterwhite has had some back problems at times this year. … Don’t know if it’s that or maybe a blister, but I’ll tell you what, the perceived pitching advantage you get by having a day off just went out the window.

    McKean in for Ole Miss
    Robin … ground ball to short wasn’t hit quite hard enough for a double play. Ferguson makes a play to his right, but Rebels can’t turn it. Giobbi is forced for the second out, but de la Osa scores. Game tied 2-2. … That was the first ball Vanderbilt has hit that was just a rocket. … Word from below is Satterwhite is out of the game because he’s sick. No further comment available. … White, the nine-hole hitter, goes 3-2 and hits a smash past Matt Smith. … double. … Runners second and third for the top of the order …. Macias pops to third, 3 outs.

    1 run, 3 hits, 2 LOB.

    Ole Miss 2, Vanderbilt 2

    Ole Miss batting
    Matt Smith goes 3-0 then 3-2 and singles into shallow RF. … nice piece of hitting to shorten up and go the other way. … Miller on 2-1 count hits it hard but right at Alvarez at third. Unlike Robin’s ball, this one was hit plenty hard for the double play, which Vanderbilt turns easily. 2 outs. … Ferguson goes 1-2 and Ks swinging at a pitch that was way outside. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 2, Vanderbilt 2

  3. toddv Says:

    Nice photo Parrish! Thanks for the updates.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Toddv.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Feinberg reaches on E6. … routine grounder to Ferguson at short. You could see Ferguson shuffling his feet. He wasn’t set on the throw, and it sailed over Matt Smith’s head. … Alvarez goes 3-1 then goes 3-2 and walks. …. 2 on for Flaherty, the cleanup hitter with team hits of 13 HR and 59 RBIs … Flaherty goes 3-1 and walks. … Bases loaded, no outs. … Bianco has already visited McKean. If McKean isn’t sick, he can’t be feeling too good now. … Justin Cryer to the pen. … de la Osa first-pitch left field single scores Feinberg and Alvarez. 4-2 Vanderbilt. … Liddle goes 0-2 then 2-2 and singles up the middle. Flaherty scores. … The three runs Vanderbilt has scored this inning have reached base on an error and two walks. That’s it for McKean. Next up is Justin Cryer, who inherits a situation with 2 on and no outs. He starts with Giobbi.

    Vanderbilt defeated Ole Miss by the 10-run rule in the first game last year, and the Rebels could be headed there again.

    Giobbi goes 3-2 and grounds to short. de la Osa scores. (6-2). … 1 out. … Robin … Giobbi to third on a balk. … single up middle on 2-2 count. Liddle scores (7-2). … 1 on, 1 out for White. … Ks looking. 2 outs. … Top of the order. … Macias … K 2-3. 3 outs.

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 2

    Ole Miss batting
    Basham goes 2-1 then hits a smash to Alvarez at third. Alvarez dives to his left, probably catches it before it hits the ground but gets up and throws to first for good measure. 1 out. … Henry walks. … Clearly, Ole Miss could compete with this guy offensively, but won’t compete without its frontline pitching. … That doesn’t bode well for the second game either, though you may see some different pitching tactics there, like Scott Bittle early, and maybe Lance Lynn for an inning … Fuller Smith grounds to first, 2 outs, Henry to third after stealing second. … Power goes 2-2 and taps back to the mound. 3 outs.

    0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 2

  6. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Cryer pitching
    It may be Cryer’s calling in this game to pitch until the end, whenver the end may be.

    Feinberg goes 3-2 then flies to CF. 1 out. … Alvarez goes 3-2 and pops to third. 2 outs. … Flaherty flies to left on first pitch. 3 outs.

    First 1-2-3 inning for Ole Miss pitching. Cryer has retired five straight.

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 2

    Ole Miss batting
    Overbeck pops to short in shallow left field on first pitch. 1 out. … Guerrero doubles to left-center. … Matt Smith goes 0-2 and Ks. 2 outs. Smith held up his swing on a pitch that was way outside, but umpire ruled that he swung. Bianco argues. Bianco loses. … Miller hit by pitch. … 2 on, 2 outs for Ferguson. … Ferguson triples over the head of left fielder Liddle, who was breaking on the ball toward the gap. Ball reaches the track, and Guerrero and Miller score. 7-4. … Basham bunts, it’s pretty good, but Alvarez makes a great play, barehands it and throws to first for the third out.

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 4

  7. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    de la Osa flies to CF on first pitch. 1 out. … Liddle goes 2-2 and flies to CF. 2 outs. … Giobbi flies to RF on first pitch. 3 outs.

    Cryer has set down eight straight.

    Ole Miss batting
    Henry walks. … That’s it for Hill. … New Vanderbilt pitcher is right-hander Brett Jacobson, 38 2-3 IP, 5.82 ERA, 18 relief appearances.

    Fuller Smith grounds to first. 1 out. … Logan Power taps back to the mound. 2 outs. … Overbeck walks. … 2 on for Guerrero who is hit by a pitch. …. Bases loaded, 2 outs for Matt Smith Ks swinging. Was taking at 1-0, and it was a strike. Big swing and miss on strike 2, foul ball, then ball and K on a 2-2 count.

    3 outs, 3 stranded

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 4

  8. rebmus Says:

    I was SHOCKED to see M. Smith strike out.

  9. Raleighrebel Says:

    Watching the game on FSN. Very disappointing that we didn’t score with the bases loaded. Still have plenty of time to win this game though.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Still Cryer pitching for Ole Miss
    Robin … flies to RF. 1 out. … White, nine hole hitter, squares to bunt and is hit by the pitch. He did not pull his bat back, which by rule, is a strike, but no strike was called. White is at first. … Top of the order. … Macias flies to CF. 2 outs. … Feinberg taps back Cryer 3 outs.

    Lots of emotion right now. Umps talking to Bianco and Corbin. Home plate ump Paul Guillie had some things to say to Vandy’s first base coach.

    Don’t know exactly what it was all about.

    The bunt-HBP deal could have disrupted Cryer, but he bounced back nicely and made a good play on Feinberg’s ball which was hit pretty good.

    Cryer doesn’t generally pitch a lot of innings. He has settled this game down, but could be coming to the end of his rope soon.

    The Rebels have reached the 4-run threshold, which many times this season is about all they could muster. They’ve had some opportunities in the middle innings, and you have to wonder how many more they might have.

    Ole Miss batting
    Miller walks on 4 pitches. … Ferguson hits to Feinberg for 4-6-3 double play. 2 outs. … Basham goes 2-2 and flies to CF. 3 outs.

    0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 4

  11. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Cryer still pitching

    The Vandy first base coach trotted out, and was booed heartily by the large section of Ole Miss fans behind the first base dugout. The Vandy fans responded in support of their embattled base coach. Things could get very interesting when Game 2 starts some time this month.

    Alvarez … Cryer appears to be nearing the end of the tank. … count goes 3-1, then flies to RF. 1 out. … Flaherty 0-1 then flies to RF track. 2 outs. HR in probably 12 SEC parks. … de la Osa on first pitch pops to Basham in foul territory. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss batting
    Henry grounds to short. 1 out. … Fuller Smith flies to CF. 2 outs. … Power grounds hard to third. Another great play by Alvarez. 3 outs.

    Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 4

  12. djrebel Says:

    Rebmus, I think you’re pulling my chain, man. Matt’s had a decent tournament, and I think he’ll strike out less next year. But with the bases loaded in the fifth, he was thinking one thing, and it wasn’t basehit. As I type here, he’s just made a really nice play to his right to throw out Liddle for the first out in the eighth.

    All that being said, I don’t expect Matt to drive out those strikeout Demons this year. 2 of them this game.

    — PA

  13. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Cryer’s hanging in. He’s not walking people. Vandy’s hitting hard, but that’s OK in this park.

    Liddle grounds to Matt Smith, who made a nice play moving to his right. 1 out. … Giobbi flies out to track in CF. 2 outs. … Robin singles through the left side. … 1 on, 2 outs for White. … White was hit by the pinch on the failed bunt attempt last time and probably started the jawing back and forth, which is still going on. …

    Bianco to the mound. Nathan Baker is getting warm. Cryer has been really good. 5 2-3 IP to this point. He allowed to inherited runners to score in the five-run fifth, but has not given up a run since. 2 hits allowed. Not sure the numbers would be so good in another park, but it’s what Ole Miss has needed in this game. The Rebels have been unable to get the offense to rally, but they’re going to have a much more stable bullpen situation than they might have had otherwise for game 2.

    White goes 2-1 and pops to short. 3 outs.

    6 IP for Cryer. It may be Baker in the ninth.

    Ole Miss batting
    Overbeck hit by a pitch. … Guerrero goes 3-2 and walks. … Runners on for Matt Smith, who has singled and struck out twice today, the two strikeouts with runners in scoring position each time. First pitch Smith hits a smash to Alvarez, and the result is predictable. … Alvarez steps on the back and throws to second for the double play, and Feinberg’s throw to first very nearly gets Smith for the triple play. It’s been an excellent defensive day for Alvarez, the Vandy third baseman. … Miller gets down 1-2 then Ks looking. 3 outs.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Vanderbilt batting
    Cryer pitching

    Top of the order. … Macias grounds to first. 1 out. … Feinberg flies to CF. 2 outs. … Alvarez Ks looking. 3 outs.

    Going down to the field now. I’ll post the final score later.

    — PA

  15. rebel1426 Says:

    Left too many runners on base today. Cryer did an excellent job saving us from using a lot more of pitchers.

  16. djrebel Says:

    BOTTOM 9
    Rebels draw two walks, but don’t score. Vandy uses three pitchers in the inning.

    FINAL: Vanderbilt 7, Ole Miss 4

  17. bigdraws Says:

    Cryer was a machine. He does a lot of credit for keeping yall in the game. Seemed like OM came into the game knowing they would have a quick hook on Satterwhite. McKean wasn’t much better. Who’s the starter this afternoon? Lynn?

  18. rebmus Says:

    Can Williams play 1st base?

    Matt Smith continues to stink at the plate… horrible.

    Draws, I’m strongly guessing Baker starts tonight.

    Satterwhite likely starts tomorrow, if there is a tomorrow… and if he feels better.

    Lynn may see a little work but I doubt over 3 innings. Next weekend is more important than this one and we’ll want him rested.

  19. bigdraws Says:

    Baker pitched…..what 3 innings on wednesday? If they do pitch him he may not stay in long. I’ll admit I don’t know the rebels pitching staff that well but I would put somebody in there to eat up some innings. It’d be nice to have him available coming in during a close game. But that’s why I’m sitting here typing on a computer and not coaching an SEC team.

  20. djrebel Says:

    Bukvich will start later today. Baker’s available too. He hasn’t pitched yet in the tournament.

    — PA

  21. bigdraws Says:

    I’m an idiot, I got Baker and Bittle mixed up. I know, I know…..

  22. rebmus Says:

    I’m surprised to see Bukvich get the start. He pitched a few Thursday and Baker’s fully rested.

    We’ll see how it pans out.

  23. methuselah1933 Says:

    dem reb boys had ducks on pond and left dem there dey need huntn lessons in survival if dey plan on huntin in jungle ahead

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