BASEBALL: The Satterwhite situation

One interesting tid-bit that came out of yesterday’s Ole Miss post-game interview session was Mike Bianco’s lukewarm response to a question about Cody Satterwite and what role the junior right-handed pitcher would play in this week’s regional.

Satterwhite came under criticism from some corners during Ole Miss’ SEC slide. He gave up a lot of runs, but many times left games after giving up four earned runs and was often a victim of little or no run support.

Satterwhite, a preseason All-American and projected as an early-round pick, is 3-5 but has won since April 6 against Vanderbilt in Oxford.

Bianco constantly defended Satterwhite and talked about the need for greater run support. Never during the regular season did Bianco imply that he would even consider removing Satterwhite from the rotation.

That changed yesterday, a day after Satterwhite pulled himself from Saturday’s first game against Vanderbilt, a game the Rebels eventually lost 7-4. Satterwhite came out of the game because he was sick, but he never told Bianco in advance that he was ailing. Bianco didn’t find out about Satterwhite’s sickness until the first inning of that game, and that didn’t sit well with the coach.

Asked about Satterwhite’s role for the regional, Bianco responded quickly and said he didn’t know, that decision hasn’t been made yet.

The issue wasn’t whether Satterwhite was sick. He certainly looked the part, as he gave up four hits and two earned runs in 1 1-3 innings, and every ball the Commodores hit was a rocket. The issue was not sharing that information and allowing Bianco to prepare another plan.

— PA


One Response to “BASEBALL: The Satterwhite situation”

  1. cr Says:

    Mental toughness has never been a real Satterwhite asset.

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