FYI: Today’s agenda

Yesterday was all about travel plans after I finished writing from the 11:30 selection show. Today I hope to run down Missouri coach Tim Jamieson to hear what he has to say about the Rebels and about his own team, specifically Aaron Crow, the Big 12 pitcher of the year. Missouri finished fourth in the Big 12.

I’ve got a column in the works too, a look at Ole Miss’ offense that was better, at times, in the SEC tournament.

Neal McCready of the Ole Miss rivals site is coming over here early tomorrow morning, and we’ll head out to Miami together as the Rebels go on the road for a regional for the first time since 2003.

— PA


2 Responses to “FYI: Today’s agenda”

  1. cr Says:

    Does Neal miss writing Bama stuff in Mobile?

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This Crow name seems to be hot topic floating around Ole Miss these days. I would imagine that the older generations of Ole Miss folks are well familiar with that “Old Crow” name. Maybe even some of the younger ones. I do remember as a young lad selling cokes at Ole Miss Football games “Old Crow”was regularly flying around.

    However, the Rebels will be crow hunting in a few days. I thinks they will take that crow. GO REBELS!!!

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