BASEBALL: Missouri 7, Ole Miss 0

Total dominance by Missouri right-hander Aaron Crow, who pitched a 3-hit complete game. He was especially tough on the five and six spots in the order, Michael Guerrero and Matt Smith, where he collected six of his 10 strikeouts. The Rebels didn’t reach second base until the sixth, then reached it only twice for the game. Third base was a dream.

Ole Miss vs. the Miami/Bethune-Cookman loser tomorrow at 11.

— PA


7 Responses to “BASEBALL: Missouri 7, Ole Miss 0”

  1. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Crow was too much today. The team with the best man on the hill usually has the advantage and that was certainly the case today. Lance did not look comfortable and it seemed like he was fighting a blister on the tip of his right middle finger. Regardless, Crow is a stud with great late movement. I think the Rebs will have all they want against the looser of BC and Miami tomorrow. One of the fun aspects of baseball is watching a pitcher who is on and, despite the loss, I enjoyed watching Crow over power some good hitters. The regional is not over for us. Stranger things have happened that this group fighting their way out of Coral Gables.

  2. rebel1426 Says:

    Aaron Crow did an excellent job on changing speeds, and his fastball had a lot of movement. We got to buckle down and get a win tomorrow

  3. cr Says:

    How did we do first pitch swinging? 0 for 8 with two double plays. Crow gets a lot of credit and I don’t know that a more disciplined approach would have worked. We do know this approach did not work – again.

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The season is not over yet for the Rebels. They are still alive. At the moment B-C is leading Miami. Ole Miss got skunked today maybe it could be an eye opener for the Rebel batters. They will definitely not face another ole crow in this series of play. Strange things can happen in the game of baseball. We will just need wait and see what develops.

  5. bigdraws Says:

    BC up 2-0.

  6. bigdraws Says:

    4-2 UM.

  7. raleighrebel Says:

    Do they have the 10 run rule in the regionals? Mt St Mary doesn’t look very strong against unc. Hope the rebels play better tomorrow. Crow looked like the real deal today.

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