BASEBALL: Bethune-Cookman update file

First Inning

Joseph Gautier pitching for Bethune, a lefty, 6-2, 2.00 ERA in 67 2-3 innings. Opponents are hitting .197 against him.

Ole Miss batting

Jordan Henry goes 3-1 and walks. … Fuller Smith goes 2-1 and bunts Henry to second. 1 out. … Logan Power goes 1-1 and singles opposite way to RF, and the Rebels have their first run of the NCAA tournament. Henry scores and Ole Miss leads 1-0. … Cody Overbeck grounds to short for a double play 3 outs.

Ole Miss 1, Bethune 0

Bethune batting

Ortiz bunts safely on first pitch. It’s between Pomeranz and Smith. No one is expecting the bunt, so when Smith breaks for the ball Miller isn’t covering. There’s nobody within a train ride of first base, and Ortiz is safe easily. … Hoyte goes 1-1 and Ortiz is caught stealing. … Hoyte goes 3-2 and walks. … Lozada goes 2-1 and flies to left. 2 outs. … Torres goes 1-2 and singles hard up the middle. Might have hurt Pomeranz if it had hit him. … 2 on, 2 out for Brown … Brown can do nothing for Bethune, at least not in this at-bat. Goes 2-2 and flies to left. 3 outs.

Ole Miss 1, Bethune-Cookman 0


8 Responses to “BASEBALL: Bethune-Cookman update file”

  1. djrebel Says:


    Ole Miss batting

    Guerrero goes 1-2 and flies to left. 1 out. … Matt Smith … If Ole Miss wins this game, its possible Smith could reach 80 strikeouts on the year. He’s at 75 now. … Smith goes 1-2, then 2-2 and Ks swinging. 2 outs. … Guatier has settled down. He’s been around the plate much more with the last three batters. … Zach Miller flies to RF on first pitch. 3 outs.

    Bethune batting
    Castro high liner to left, Power on the run can’t come up with it. It glances off his glvoe, and Castro gets a double. … Clark goes 1-2 then bunts hard back to Pomeranz, who throws to Overbeck to get Castro. 1 out. … Clark at first. … Brooks goes 1-2 and singles through the hole on right side. More space there because Smith was holding the runner. Fourth hit against Pomeranz. 2 on, 1 out for Jones. … goes 1-2 and grounds to short. Ferguson forces Brooks for the second out. Runners at the corners, 2 outs for top of the order, Ortiz singles sharply through the right side, his second hit. Clark scores to tie the game (1-1). Runners at the corners for Hoyte … goes 1-2 then runner starts for second and Hoyte is called out looking.

    Ole Miss 1, Bethune 0

  2. djrebel Says:


    Pomeranz has given up five hits through two innings.

    Ole Miss batting
    Ferguson grounds to short on the first pitch. 1 out. … Basham goes 1-1 and chops to short. 2 outs. … Top of the order … Henry goes 3-2 and hits to left, never slows up and turns a single into a double. … Second hit against Gautier. … Fuller Smith goes 2-2 and singles through the right side. Henry scores easily. (2-1). … 1 on, two outs for Power, who singled in his last at-bat. Henry has scored twice now. … Power hits a nice ball in the gap, but it’s got too much air under it, and Ortiz covers a lot of ground quickly to make the catch. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 2, Bethune 1

    Bethune batting
    Lozada shows bunt. There’s hardly been a Bethune batter than hasn’t. … Lozada goes 2-2 and Ks swinging. First time Pomeranz has retired the leadoff batter. … Torres goes 1-2, then 3-2 and walks. … Torres is a big guy, no threat to steal. … Brown goes 3-2 and Ks looking. 2 outs. … Here’s Castro. His health looks good to me. Doubled in last at-bat. … Castro goes down 0-2, then 1-2 and Ks swinging 3. outs.

    Ole Miss 2, Bethune 1

  3. djrebel Says:

    Well, we’re back now, after more adventures in wireless with the U of Miami.

    Ole Miss scored an unearned run in the fourth when Guerrero reached on an error and scored from first when Matt Smith did not strike out but doubled to the gap in right-center.

    That made it 3-1, which is what it remains.

    Bethune chased Pomeranz in the fifth after starting the inning with 2 hits, 1 a double. He fanned the 3-hole hitter then was pulled for Jake Morgan.

    Morgan gave up a walk but got the other two outs to strand three and leave it a 3-1 game.


    Ole Miss batting

    Power walks … Overbeck goes 2-2 and singles to left. Power takes third. … Guerrero goes 2-2 and gets a fly ball out in the LF corner. It’s not fair by much, but it’s fair. Power and Overbeck score ahead of Guerrero on his 10th home run. It’s 6-1. … New pitcher for Bethune is right-hander Felix Machado.

    Smith pops out, Miller pops out, Ferguson walks, Basham singles … runners at the corners, 2 outs for top of the order … Henry walks, and Bethune coach Mervyl Melendez has seen enough of Machado. … New pitcher is left-hander Roman Lancara.

    Fuller Smith singles in two rusn (9-1). …. Fuller Smith scores on wild pitch (10-1). … Overbeck singles in Power (11-1). .. Guerrero homers for the second time in the inning. This one was hit a little better than the last one. It also stayed fair by just a little. It’s 13-1 Ole Miss, and Phillip Irwin will come into pitch.

    I’ve written about Bethune’s solid pitching, and that’s true among their top four arms. What’s happened now is the Rebels have reached the back end of a MEAC bullpen, and it’s SEC BP against the MEAC.

    Matt Smith doubles, Miller is up. It’s 13-1 and I’m going to give you a projected winner. I think it’s Ole Miss. I’ll check in later.

  4. bigdraws Says:

    Anybody know a way to listen to the UM v Mizzoo game on the net?

  5. ToddV Says:

    Parrish thanks for the efforts in those conditions. Good stuff.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Draws, this link should get you there.


  7. george devaughn Says:

    draws where are you located maybe we can give you a link some where if u are in starkville i will tell u where to to watch i

  8. bigdraws Says:

    Thanks guys. I was unable to check in again.

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