BASEBALL: Missouri game update file

I am currently online at Mark Light Stadium. Maybe today is the day I make it all the way through. We’ll see.

Sorry no post card today. I got up early and went to the beach, got back and showered and got ready to come over here. The beach was cooler than this.

The Rebels will throw Brett Bukvich against Missouri right-hander Ian Berger. Berger is 4-5 with a 4.32 ERA. He’s appeared in 15 games with 13 starts.

We’re about nine minutes from the first pitch. Follow along in the comments section, and maybe we’ll have no technical difficulties.

— PA


14 Responses to “BASEBALL: Missouri game update file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Missouri batting

    Folgia goes 3-1 and walks. … Lollis … this guy was 4-for-4 against Ole Miss Friday. …. goes 0-1 and pops to left in foul territory. … Senne goes 1-1 and flies to Power on left field track. 2 outs. … Priday goes 2-2 and Ks looking.

    A scoreless frame for Bukvich. He was a little erratic but made some good pitches. Only Senne got off a better than average swing.

    Ole Miss batting
    Henry goes 2-1 and singles to RF. Kind of a floater that Priday didn’t get a good break on. … Fuller Smith goes 3-2 and grounds to first. Henry to second. 1 out. … Power on first pitch pops to the pitcher, but the third baseman Mach came sprinting in at the last second and made a diving catch 2 out. … Overbeck 0-2 then Ks swinging. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 0, Missouri 0

  2. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting

    Coleman goes 3-2 and pops straight up. Basham loses it in the sky. Buk makes the catch. 1 out. … Pietroburgo goes 1-2 and Ks swinging. He did not play in Friday’s game. … Gray goes 1-2 and pops to Guerrero. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss batting
    Guerrero goes 3-2 and Ks swinging. 1 out. … Matt Smith goes down on three pitches. His 77th K of the year. Could reach 80 this game. … Miller goes 2-2 and Ks looking. 3 outs.

    Berger has set down six straight, the last four by strikeout.

    Ole Miss 0, Missouri 0

  3. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting
    Thigpen goes 0-2 and Ks swinging. 1 out. … Mach goes 1-2 and gets a fly ball up in the wind. Power makes a nice leaping catch at the wall. 2 outs. … top of the order. … Folgia goes 2-2 and Ks swinging. 3 outs.

    4 strikeouts for Bukvich.

    Ole Miss batting
    Ferguson goes 1-2 and hits a chopper through the middle. … Basham bunts him to second. 1 out. … top of the order … Henry goes 3-2 and grounds to short. 2 outs. Ferguson to third. … Fuller Smith goes 2-0 and pops to second base. 3 outs.

    First time in 12 innings that Ole Miss has reached third base against Missouri.

    Ole Miss 0, Missouri 0

  4. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting

    Lollis … bunts first pitch and Buk throws him out. … Senne goes 2-1 and grounds to Miller at second. 2 outs. … Priday goes 2-2 and chases a high fastball for third out.

    Bukvich has retired 12 straight.

    Ole Miss batting
    Power flies to CF on first pitch, well hit but an out. … Overbeck goes 3-1 and walks. … Guerrero goes 3-1 and flies to RF. … Matt Smith goes 1-2 and bloops a single into shallow RF. … 2 on, 2 out for Miller … goes 3-0 then 3-2 and hits hard but right at short. Smith is forced at second. 3 outs.

    Ole Miss 0, Missouri 0

  5. djrebel Says:

    Well, what an inning for the wireless to kick me off, but that’s the norm here.

    Top of 5, Missouri chases Bukvich four runs on five hits. The first three hits were not hard and two of them were with two strikes. The last two were hit pretty good.

    Scott Bittle entered the game with Ole Miss trailing 4-0.

    Bottom of 5, Rebels get 4 runs on 5 hits to chase starter Ian Berger and tie the game. They had two chances to drive in the lead run, but Matt Smith and Zach Miller struck out against reliever Ryan Allen. Jordan Henry and Fuller Smith had RBI doubles in the inning. Tim Ferguson also doubled.

    Ole Miss 4, Missouri 4

  6. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting
    Priday Ks swinging. 1 out. … Coleman walks. … Pietroburgo … Coleman to second on wild pitch. … P guy goes 3-2 and walks. … Bittle is consistently low right now. … Gray goes 2-2 and Ks swinging. 2 outs. … 2 on, 2 out for Thigpen, one of their leading RBI guys. … Thigpen swings and misses at a pitch in the dirt. It’s 0-2 but ball gets away from Basham and Coleman takes third. … No one has put the ball in play against Bittle, but the lead run is at third after two walks. … Thigpen swings and misses. 3 outs.

    Bittle has faced six, struck out four.

    Ole Miss batting
    Ferguson goes 0-2, foul ball, and Ks swinging. 1 out. … Basham Ks on three pitches. 2 outs. … top of the order … Henry … 0-2 then grounds to third. 3 outs. Every pitch a strike for Allen.

    Ole Miss 4, Missouri 4

  7. farley662 Says:

    Least y’all scored this time.

  8. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting
    Mach goes 1-2 and Ks swinging. 1 out. …. top of the order. … Folgia Ks swinging on 3 pitches. … Kurt Calver wtih 2 outs. Calvert came into the game in the fifth when Lollis was injured sliding into second. … Calvert taps back to Biddle, the first ball put in play off Bittle. 3 outs.

    When Missouri bats again Bittle will be going through the order for the second time.

    Ole Miss batting
    Fuller Smith first pitch double off the wall in RF. Thought it had a shot to get out but it did not. … Logan Power bunts Smith to third. … 1 out, 1 on for Overbeck … infield in … count goes 3-2 then single up the middle. Smith scores (5-4). … 1 on, 1 out for Guerrero. … down 1-2, then 2 fouls, then K swinging. 2 outs. … Matt Smith … He has singled and struck out twice. … goes 3-2 and walks. … Miller goes down 1-2 then Ks swinging. 3 outs. 3 Ks for Milller.

    Guerrero, Smith and Miller, the 5-7 spots, are a combined 1-for-10 with seven strikeouts.

    Ole Miss 5, Missouri 4

  9. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting

    Bittle is about to see the order for the second time. This is his third inning of work. He also got the last out of the fifth.

    Senne down 1-2 then Ks swinging. 1 out. … Priday goes 1-2, then chops to left side, long throw by Ferguson is not in time. … First hit allowed by Biddle. … Coleman count 3-0 then, fastball strike, … Priday steals second. … count now 3-2, K swinging. 2 outs. … Pietroburgo 3-1 then chopper through the left side. … Priday scores (5-5) … 1 on, 2 out for Gray. … Bianco out to talk to Bittle. … Pinch-runner steals second. … Gray down 0-1, 1-2, 2-2, …. ground ball … Ferguson makes the stop behind second, throw to first is close but not in time. …. Smith runs off the field like it’s an out, never looks to home, and pinch-runner scores from second. Missouri leads 6-5. Second hit against Bittle.

    Where he’s hurting is the two stolen bases against him. Missouri has done a good job of manufacturing runs while they’ve been unable to hit hard. Stolen bases, a seeing-eye chopper and a mental lapse, and the Tigers are back in front.

    Thigpen goes 3-2 then Ks swinging 3 outs.

    Missouri 6, Ole Miss 5

    Missouri closer Kyle Gibson is in the game. Rebels have six outs to work with.

    Ole Miss batting
    Ferguson first-pitch single to LF. … Three hits and a run scored for Ferguson. … Basham down 0-2 after failing to get the bunt down on two outside pitches. … bunts foul on third strike. 1 out. … Henry goes 3-1 and walks. … 2 on, 1 out for Fuller Smith, who is 2-for-4 with doubles in his last two at-bats. … count goes 3-1 and a walk. … bases loaded, 1 out for Power, who is 0-for-2 with two sac bunts. … Power first pitch grand slam hits top of the scoreboard and bounces back. Frustrated Missouri left fielder Aaron Senne grabs the ball off the ground and throws it over the fence and on to the track that sits behind left field. … Overbeck pops to catrcher. 2 outs. … Guerrero hit by pitch. Trainers are looking at him, but he takes first. … 1 on, 2 outs for Matt Smith. … Ks swinging. No. 3 on the day, No. 79 on the year.

    Bittle takes the mound with a 9-6 lead. Justin Cryer is warm in the pen. Miami fans are filing in.

    Missouri batting

  10. djrebel Says:


    Missouri batting

    Mach, nine hole hitter, goes 3-2 and walks. … top of the order … Bittle looks like he’s running on fumes. … Folgia goes 1-2 and Ks swinging. 1 out. … Calvert … entered the game in the fifth, tapped back to Bittle in the seventh … goes 1-2 then Ks swinging. 2 outs. 11th strikeout for Bittle. … Senne. … He’s 0-for-2 with two Ks against Bittle. … count goes 1-2, a strike away from closing it out … ball 2 … Miami fans, some, are cheering for Ole Miss. … won’t be that way later … Swing and a miss. 3 outs.

    The Bittle Button plan works again … and the Logan Power grand slam plan.;

    FINAL: Ole Miss 9, Missouri 6

  11. HerbieT Says:

    I really, really want to win the regional, but putting Missouri out is almost awesome enough….I’ve had enough of them over the past few years!

  12. charleston11 Says:

    who is pitching for the Rebels next?

  13. stillmagnolia5 Says:

    Nice comeback win. Bittle was outstanding and the boys kept plugging away at the plate. Logan seemed very comfortable in the bases loaded 1 out situation in the bottom of the 8th. The question now is whether Ole Miss can score with Miami. We will see soon enough. Go Rebs!

    PS – Regardless of how this series ends and regardless of the up and down year we have had, we are very fortunate to have Mike Bianco in our dugout. I have a ton of friends in high school, college and pro baseball and I can assure you Mike is held in very high regard, especially his ability to teach the game. If Mike stays at Ole Miss long enough we will get to Omaha many times. I hope we start this year.

  14. rebel2011 Says:

    wow what a game! we need a great performance out of Nathan Baker, and although i will take a win any way we can get it, we need a good game out of our pitchers if we wanna have any chance of winning the whole regional. The players will be tired because of the Miami heat, but i guarantee the juniors who were on the team 2 years ago such as Logan Power and Cody Overbeck will be fired up to get back at Miami, because i am sure they remember their freshman year very fondly. Hotty Toddy! Go Rebs!

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