BASEBALL: One last Miami postcard

Been traveling today. I tried to get up a this last postcard and a few graphs from the airport in Fort Lauderdale, but the wireless connection was weak, which was a fitting end to five days in Miami that were a wireless nightmare.

Anyway, this fella is one of the ESPNU personalities. Didn’t get his name, but I’ve always gotten tickled at the TV guys in hot weather who fake you out at home when you think they’re roughing it in those long sleeves and ties.

Got back in town about 3 and immediately started mowing grass that was full of weeds and seemed three feet tall. Baseball does that to a yard.

I thought the Rebels did well for themselves in the SEC tournament and in this regional. That still left them with a season that was far below the expectations with which it began, but, perhaps, above the expectations of this team that struggled in early and mid-May and very nearly failed to reach the SEC tournament. The Rebels showed some fight missing much of the second half of the year in three SEC tournament wins and against Missouri Sunday afternoon.

I’ll have some post-regional analysis tomorrow.

— PA


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