BASEBALL: A few other odds and ends

— Look for Evan Button to return next season. He could return as a junior if he regains this season as a medical redshirt, and it’s likely that he will. That could create a lot of competition at second base next season between Tim Ferguson and Zach Miller, assuming Button becomes the full-time shortstop as he was expected to be before his back injury this season.

Ferguson is expected to play some second base in summer in the coming weeks.

— Ole Miss coach Mike Bianco has been pleased with how Matt Smith’s elbow responded this season. There has been occasional pain and soreness, but nothing beyond the norm for what a player might experience through the season. Surgery had been an option for Smith, who tore the ligament while pitching on opening day, but it’s not likely he’ll opt for surgery now.

— The draft is Thursday, and Ole Miss could get hit hard with underclassmen departure.

Guys who should be drafted high enough to make leaving a real option include: Lance Lynn, Cody Satterwhite, Scott Bittle, Justin Cryer, all pitchers. Brett Bukvich could be in that crowd as well. Position players include Michael Guerrero, Cody Overbeck, Logan Power and Brett Basham.

Bukvich and Guerrero had injury issues this season and could benefit from another year. Guerrero, though, put on such a show in postseason that he likely improved his stock quite a bit. His decision may be whether to return and take a shot at getting drafted in the top three rounds next year.

Signees that could be lost to the draft include: Chris Corrigan (pitcher), Aaron Hightower (catcher), Kyle Barbeck (pitcher) and David Phillips (outfielder).

— PA


2 Responses to “BASEBALL: A few other odds and ends”

  1. cr Says:

    Is Matt Smith through as a pitcher? I can’t help but wonder how good he would have been – there were times I thought he hit like a pitcher.

  2. djrebel Says:

    I got the feeling from Matt that he wasn’t interested in having surgery unless the coaches encouraged it because they want him to pitch. I haven’t gotten the feeling from Mike that he sees Matt as a big part of the pitching plan.

    — PA

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