FYI: Year in review

Summer’s here folks, and with the athletic year all but complete (still waiting on NCAA outdoor track meet), give me your “best of” and “worst of” moments and events for the Rebels.

Feel free to create your own categories in the best of and worst of too.

Ed’s fourth-and-1 will inevitably have a spot on the list somewhere, so I’ll get the ball rolling, but I’m going to leave that one in the gray zone. Best or worst for that call depends on your perspective. It was the worst if you wanted Ole Miss to win, the best if you were thinking about possible long-term ramifications.

That wasn’t a call that I’d have made. Ole Miss was controlling the game with its defense, and State had just pushed the panic button by going with four wides and had gone 3-and-out from its 20 on its previous possession.

The reality is if BenJarvus Green-Ellis had gotten the first down, Ed would have been praised at some level as aggressive and fearless. That’s just the way those things work.

Moving on …

Best Game: Ole Miss basketball at Virginia Tech. The Rebels played great and beat a very good team in what had to be the most unfriendly environment they saw.

Best clutch play: Michael Guerrero’s walk-off HR against Kentucky in the SEC tournament. Considering the seeding, that might have been the hit that got them in the big dance.

Best 5-minute stretch: Zach Graham in overtime against Nebraska in the second round of the NIT. He took over and showed what kind of player he may become.

Worst time for a turnover: Seth Adams’ fumble on a qb sneak at the 1 at Georgia with Ole Miss up 7-0 in the first quarter. Might the game have been different with a 14-0 lead early and Peria Jerry and the defense playing well?

Best season for a marked man: BenJarvus Green-Ellis was going to get the ball on a mediocre offense, and everybody knew it. He still managed 1,137 yards, 4.8 per carry.

Team highlight of the year: Basketball’s NIT trip to New York. Once they got to the Garden the Rebels’ game against Ohio State was marred by one of the mental lapses that marked the skid that kept them out of the NCAAs, but getting to New York was a significant achievement and hopefully a building block.

— PA


9 Responses to “FYI: Year in review”

  1. boonevillereb Says:

    The day of the horrific 4th and 1 was the worst day of the year. The day after, priceless!

  2. VA Reb Says:

    Best moment: Ohr deciding to forego the draft and return for his senior year. Second best: firing of Coach O and hiring of Coach N.

  3. john Says:

    the catch called back ag Bama could have turned the season around for football team.

  4. djrebel Says:

    John, I’ve thought about that a lot. I don’t know if it turns the season around. I will say that if that play had stood, and you just freeze that moment in time, then it might have been the closest Ed came to a meaningful SEC win.

    Even when LSU was facing fourth down from its 7 in Baton Rouge in 2006, I thought JaMarcus Russell would make the play. He did.

    Had Shay Hodge’s catch not been overturned, Ole Miss would have had one play from the 4, one chance to be the aggressor and win the game. Could have happened.

    Now, would that have made Ole Miss more competitive the next week against Arkansas? Possibly. But I’m not sure that scenario happening one time would have taught Ole Miss to win and saved the season.

    Might have been enough to save Ed’s job, though, and it certainly would have been a bit of success to point to, which that team really needed.

    — PA

  5. rebelnate Says:

    Worst moment for me was the passing of Ernie Labarge.

  6. roastbeef1 Says:

    My low point of the year was the Northwestern State game. Sure, people might have been “boycotting” or whatever to push to have O fired, but an official attendance of 23283 is just embarrassing.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Nate, I never met Ernie, but from everything I’ve heard, he was just a great story of the human spirit.

    Beef, I can’t imagine that Ole Miss has ever had a lower point for its football program. I’m not the historian, so maybe it’s back there somewhere, and I just don’t know it. But that Northwestern game was pretty low. The fan base definitely spoke just days after Robert Khayat and Pete Boone gave me a strong vote of confidence on Ed.

    — PA

  8. Mooch Says:

    HITS: Return of McCluster to the FB field (fun to watch), AK & team playing uptempo, Huertas draining those 3s, AK’s recruiting class, Baseball team’s run at Hoover, Ms Reese winning at National Championship for OM, and the tennis team winning the SECT again.

    MISSES: FB season; Home basktball losses to USC and Auburn; Huertas missing those 3s; Home baseball losses; no consistency on the diamond.

  9. jprebel Says:

    Kind words there rebelnate, Ernie was my step-dad. We miss him a lot.

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