BASEBALL: All-American Scott Bittle

Scott Bittle made the All-America first team, one of two relievers. The other is Georgia’s Josh Fields.

The Rebels were 21-6 when Bittle pitched, 18-20 when he didn’t. No statistic defines his importance more than that.

— PA

RP Scott Bittle

School: Ole Miss
Cl.: Jr., Ht.: 6-2, Wt.: 185

Few pitchers had more dominating numbers this season than Bittle. The junior right-hander had a phenomenal season on the mound. Bittle appeared in 27 games and had a 1.78 ERA in 70 2/3 innings of work. He also struck out 130 and walked 30. He also limited opposing teams to a .145 batting average.

5 Responses to “BASEBALL: All-American Scott Bittle”

  1. va reb Says:

    An amazing season for Bittle and a much deserved honor.

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    A great season for Scott. The best to him.

  3. djrebel Says:

    It was fun to see a nice kid work hard and have the right things fall in place to be successful. Sometimes hard work isn’t enough. This year Ole Miss played with a different energy level when Bittle was pitching. He made his good fortune most of the time, but his team picked him up too. It was a great turnaround season for Scott.

    — PA

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, from watching Scott pitch on TV, his sinker ball in my view was his best pitch. Or whatever that pitch was that he used so successful in all those strikeouts. Maybe like one of those spitball.

  5. djrebel Says:

    That was no doubt his pitch, Jimmy. Scott had a great season, but with that sinker he’s a high maintenance guy for catchers. He’d have had a few more wild pitches, and maybe those dominant numbers would have changed a little, without such a solid defensive catcher as Brett Basham.

    — PA

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