FOOTBALL: The Powe beat goes on

I thought it might be time to take the SEC to task for dragging its feet on the Jerrell Powe case, but that’s not necessarily true.

I know the conference rule change, giving the commissioner the power to rule on the certification of any partial qualifier, is only several weeks old, but you could see the legislation coming, and the Powe case hasn’t sneaked up on anyone.

Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone doesn’t think a decision should necessarily be made soon on whether the academic sojourn should end for the 2004 prep All-American defensive tackle.

“As long as he’s in class and going to class grades could go up or down,” Boone said. “Until we get through with summer we won’t know for sure. Frankly, a decision can’t be made until all the facts are in. Until summer school and everything is done we would not even ask for a decision.”

The NCAA’s ruling last summer stated that Powe could only become eligible “after meeting NCAA and institutional academic requirements in college.”

The ruling did not specify a timetable to meet those requirements, but thoughts turned naturally to an academic year.

The general feeling is Powe has met those requirements over the course of the year, though no one is saying.

Powe is not taking classes in the first summer term but is scheduled to take classes in the second term.

If indeed summer school now must be included in that body of work, it may be an effort to strengthen Powe’s resume, so to speak.
— PA


7 Responses to “FOOTBALL: The Powe beat goes on”

  1. J. Moore Says:

    Again PA, I come here for the scoop. Great work. I guess we just need a decision on Powe before August 2.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Thanks J. I expect it to drag on.

    — PA

  3. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Is there an Ole Miss that has been more scrutinized or followed as closely as Powe?

  4. rebelfan38652 Says:

    also, What is the deal with Clayton Moore of Louisville?

  5. djrebel Says:

    I read some of Moore’s comments. Don’t know why they haven’t offered him unless they think they have a good shot at somebody that better fits their needs.

    — PA

  6. Jud Says:

    The writing is on the wall, Powe will play this year, be an average to decent player, finally get into shape and be drafted on size/ potential next Spring. Strange route to professional football, he’d be headed into his second pro year had he gone JUCO.

    What a tease.

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Jud: Thanks for your insight.

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