BASKETBALL: Buy or sell for next season

While we’re on the subject of basketball here’s some commentary from a site I’m unfamiliar with but came across on a web search. I think it likely reflects the view of Ole Miss basketball outside the region. If you aren’t in this orbit on a fairly regular basis you don’t know about improvements at Tad Smith (limited though they are), increases to coaches salaries and the proposed basketball practice facility, which is very close to ground-breaking.

After years of neglect with facilities and inconsistent success, this is the opinion of the program on the outside.

— PA


5 Responses to “BASKETBALL: Buy or sell for next season”

  1. Chad Says:

    Having lived here in Oxford the last 10 years, I am not sure I totally disagree with the commentary. Football is and will continue to be number one. I also think that Ole Miss basketball is a sort of stepping stone. Look at how much press Coach K got by simply being named as a potential LSU candidate. I do not foresee any coach as having Ole Miss as an ultimate goal.

  2. djrebel Says:

    I agree with those points, but I think this guy just threw out the Tad Smith thing and let that stand as the basis for the opinion. Tad Smith is a dump and needs to be replaced, but that isn’t going to happen in this economic climate.

    I disagree with the Auburn assessment. I don’t think a smaller arena and a tough ticket is a bad thing.

    The key to making arenas profitable these days.

    — PA

  3. john Says:

    i’m not sure why Tad Smith gets such a bad rap… all it needs is an outer fan-friendly concourse added with interactive exhibits, eating options, etc… to be honest, it is the ONE true intimidating home advantage our sporting teams and we all want to get it of it. Why? Tiger Stadium, still for the most part is a dump (a big, loud dump) but they wouldn’t dare tear it down.

  4. djrebel Says:

    John, you’re on the mark on the homecourt advantage. When the Rebels are winning, it rocks. I do believe the students bailed on last year’s team a little too quickly. Last year’s Alabama game was embarrassing when that section emptied out to go watch February baseball.

    I think the school spends lots of money to maintain the roof, etc. To do the renovations the place really needs would run into the millions and would invite the debate of why not just build a new arena.

    Right now the approach will be to continue to tweak Tad Smith.

    — PA

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I know that I am old fashion and been around Rebels sports like about 60 years. Tad Pad is much better that what it replaced. From my view Ole Miss is a football oriented school and alway will be. Baseball is gaining some strength, but basketball will never make it as one of top schoices.

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