FYI: On vacation

Seems like I just posted a “gone fishin'” notice. I enjoyed that so much, now I’m going to take off a week at the close of business today. I’ll be gone for another two weeks in July.

It is that slow down time of year, and that’s OK, because August is coming into view.

There are a couple of things of interest to look for in Sunday’s print edition. Gregg and I have been working for a while on the concept of the “basketball practice facility.” I’ll have a detailed look the Ole Miss angle, where it stands now, how it came to be, why it’s necessary, etc.

Gregg will look at Mississippi State, which is in the fund-raising stage with many more questions to be answered.

With an eye on football, we’ll also have the five questions that most need to be answered at each school.

— PA


28 Responses to “FYI: On vacation”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    PA, good for you! Have a good week. Larry

  2. bigdraws Says:


  3. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, You deserve a vacation, but you will be missed. Have a great time. Thanks for all you do. RR

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, enjoy yourself. You do deserve the break. Pay not attention to Draws, he stays on idle.

  5. bigdraws Says:


  6. rebelfan38652 Says:

    idle hands are the devils workshop.PA

  7. bigdraws Says:

    And Ole Miss is the devils playground.

  8. tcfan Says:

    Ole Miss is really starting to get it done with renovations. Replace the Tad Pad and we’re right there in the thick of things in overall SEC facilities.

    Also, like the new pic. I believe that’s Eason. Eason’s good, but I think Enrique takes his spot in the fall.

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Ga just got the SEC one game away from the national baseball championship.

  10. TrueReb Says:

    clayton moore’s a REB!

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This could be the night that the “Lights came on in Georgia”, Go gawga bring the national championship back to the SEC.

  12. boonevillereb Says:

    Clayton Moore commits to Rebels!!!!

  13. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    breb, nice hearing from you again. Thanks for your reporting on Clayton Moore. But, did you have to send your pic along.

  14. boonevillereb Says:

    JB, the topic in the van today is “ratface” day. So, I picked obama. Not only does he look like a rat, he acts like one too!

  15. BirdZ! Says:

    The Lone Ranger committed to Ole Miss? That’s fantastic. Lemme know when Tonto commits also.

    I had a link in a previous comment, but PA needs to approve it. WordPress thinks it’s spam. Clayton Moore was the actor who played the Lone Ranger. That could have been funny.

  16. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    OXFORD, Miss. – The Ole Miss baseball program added a shortstop to the signing class with the addition of junior college transfer Kevin Mort, head coach Mike Bianco announced on Tuesday.

  17. rebelfan38652 Says:

    I love the way everryone pitches in for PA while he is out. Thanks and keep it up.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for posting during a slow time. I’ve got two more weeks to take in July, and then we go full throttle in August, right after SEC media days.

    — PA

  19. bigdraws Says:

    Hey JB. You may not be rid of LT just yet!! Mwaaahahahahaaa!!!

  20. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Don’t really matter anymore draws. We may see a very scrappy cinderella team from Fresno become nation champs tonight. These youngsters just don’t give up. I’ve gota give them a hats off and well wishing in tonights game.

    Like your avatar. Breb’s stink.

  21. VA Reb Says:

    As much as I was pulling for GA to win it for the SEC, watching a team like Fresno State pull it off wasn’t bad, either. There was no quit in those guys. LB

  22. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    In sixty-four days the Rebels will be hitting the road on a journey for a great season. A projected SEC West winner by some. So this coming season for Rebel football really looking good.

  23. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Is Powe in or out?

  24. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Rebelfan: I can’t be of any help to you here. The only news that I can get off Ole Miss sports web is the new HD electronic scoreboard that will be used this fall. I’ve see nothing in the Commerical Appeal or the Jackson paper in regard to Powe or any other note worthy Ole Miss football News.
    Down here where I live the sports news is mainly about FSU, Gators, Auburn and Tide.

  25. tcfan Says:

    Powe is apparently in from what I hear.

    I have a friend who’s in the scoop who says Slive is waiting until after SEC Media Days to announce it because of all the publicity and noise it’ll make during that time.

  26. ripleyreb Says:

    PA, Your week is over. Where are you? We are waiting for a scoop!!!!

  27. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Ripley reb: I think the whole Rebel establishment has taken holiday and off to Florida. My daughter-in-law works in a clothing store in Destin Common,and she said that many of her customers were from Oxford and Tupelo areas. So after the 4th of July holiday period they will be drifting back to Miss.

    I want to take time out here in very serious thought for Farley and his family. My prayers and thoughts go out to them during this time. Also, to extend my congrat to the family on their newly arrival, a most precious possession, a Son. May the Almighty God bless and watch over them.

  28. bigdraws Says:

    God bless the Farley family.

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