FOOTBALL: Your mid-Summer Powe update

I see folks with sources who say Jerrell Powe’s certification by the SEC is a done deal.

Whatever the case, I spoke with SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom this morning, and the league is continuing in its “no comment” stance.

The SEC will issue no official word nor will it give a timetable for announcing the decision.

Commissioner Mike Slive, like many Americans, is not in the office this week.

— PA


8 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Your mid-Summer Powe update”

  1. tcfan Says:

    I’ve heard it’s a done deal, but we’ve heard that before. I’m still a little hesitant by all the time they are taking with it.

    My question: How can they (the SEC) deny a guy who has done everything that the NCAA asked him to do?

    If that were to be the case and they were to deny him, they should’ve taken care of that last year instead of leading on a guy who did everything that was asked for him, and actually did more than was asked for him (reported 2.8 GPA).

  2. djrebel Says:

    Basically, he was denied last year by the NCAA, which took itself out of the argument and put it in the lap of the SEC.

    The SEC could deny him for lacking a standardized test score, but it’s recent announcement that it will consider some partial qualifiers is a move in Powe’s direction.

    — PA

  3. methuselah1933 Says:

    powe man ready able go teach dem ole boys cros dat line oter side a quality education dis season mak belvers in dem and u 2 he great fot bal plyer ma be he be giant in ny nex yr

  4. rebelfan38652 Says:

    tc i agree with you. Don’t deny a kid who has done everything right. “Come at me. I’m a man. I’m 40!” lol that never gets old. That is what tc’s comment made me think of.

  5. tcfan Says:

    I think this is Powe’s year to be eligible. First thing, they know that Powe isn’t going away. He’s percervered through everything that’s been his way in the past three years so if they deny him, why wouldn’t they think he’d keep trying? Also, this could be a horrible PR disaster story for the SEC if they were to deny him.

    I expect a decision to come in two or three weeks. Slive might do it right before SEC Media Day to create stir about it with the media, but I don’t know WHY he would do that because the focus would all be on Powe.

  6. djrebel Says:

    If Powe is cleared, how effective do you guys think he will be? If his conditioning is as poor as I’ve heard, that will be a big issue. He is immensely talented, but that talent will be off-set if he allows his weight to affect his speed and quickness. If he’s cleared and doesn’t have to spend half the season getting in shape, Ole Miss’ DL goes from really good to great.

    And the Rebels need all they can get from their DL with question marks at linebacker and cornerback.

    — PA

  7. J. Moore Says:

    One of the players works at my office and he said Powe was in better shape than a lot of the other lineman.

  8. djrebel Says:

    If that’s true that will be really good news for Ole Miss — assuming he’s cleared.

    — PA

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