FOOTBALL: Does Phil have the right stuff?

I don’t spend a whole lot of time studying all the preseason magazines, and I don’t go back and grade them in December to see which ones were the most accurate with their predictions.

I get a kick out of Phil Steele’s book, because it is so self-promoting. It claims to be the most accurate preseason magazine over the last nine years, and I’ll just have to take Phil’s word on that. He’s got a scorecard on page 307 in which he breaks down the accuracy of 10 preseason magazines over the last nine years.

His book is No. 1, and Athlon is No. 2.

Ole Miss will be an interesting test case for Phil’s accuracy this season. He has the Rebels picked fourth in the Western Division, ahead of Mississippi State (fifth) and Arkansas (sixth). Athlon picks Ole Miss sixth in the West.

I personally think the Rebels will be picked last among the six in the West at SEC Media Days later this month. It’s the easy place to put a team that is 3-21 in the SEC over the last three years, and much of preseason prognostication is based on how a team did the previous season.

There is enough new blood coming into key positions to expect major improvement on offense for Ole Miss. That excitement must be restrained a little, because any newcomer, regardless of his ability, goes through a period of acclimation to new surroundings.

I see Ole Miss finishing in the fourth or fifth spot. Phil likes the Rebels at No. 4 and ranks them No. 9 on his national list of the 23 most improved teams in 2008.

“The Rebels will easily win more SEC games this year than in the last three years combined,” Phil writes.

That means at least four SEC wins for Ole Miss if Phil is on the money.

— PA


7 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Does Phil have the right stuff?”

  1. Mooch Says:

    I’ll take those 4 SEC wins right now, please

  2. djrebel Says:

    Who you got Mooch? Who are your four SEC wins?

    If I’m finding four SEC wins for the Rebels I’m thinking Vanderbilt and State to get half-way there. Both of those are at home. I think you have to bow up and beat South Carolina at home and Arkansas on the road.

    I think the biggest key to six or seven wins for Ole Miss will be what it gets done in the first four games. That’s Memphis, at Wake, Samford and Vanderbilt. I think the Rebels have to come out of that at 3-1. If they beat Wake, which will likely be a top 25 team when they play Sept. 6, they could really be on track for a big turnaround.

    — PA

  3. methuselah1933 Says:

    me dink phil eat green banana

  4. tcfan Says:

    Phil Steele’s got some love for Ole Miss. Nobody would even think to have the guts to give Enrique Davis preseason All-SEC RB honors over RB’s like Anthony Dixon before he even plays a snap. Just shows how much hype Davis really has.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Yes, I’m slow to overhype anybody new to the program. Maybe Davis will turn out to be that good this season. Phil also has Julio Jones, the Alabama freshman, among his top eight wide receivers. Nice mention for Mike Wallace in the top six.

    — PA

  6. Mooch Says:

    Sorry for the delay, PA….that’s my point. Who are the 4 SEC wins?

  7. djrebel Says:

    IF Ole Miss wins four SEC games I think it’s Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Arkansas and State.

    — PA

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