FYI: On Vacation II

At the close of business today — maybe even a little before — I will be on vacation until July 20.

Football is just days away when I return. SEC Media Days are July 23-25. That is not a coincidence.

Things have been so slow at the office today that I did some cleaning and cleared my bookshelf of old media guides. Found some State stuff from the late 1990s.

I also spent some time looking over the spring football prospectus (the current 2008 one) for the University of Memphis. The Tigers return seven starters on offense but will be new at quarterback and running back.

A matchup to watch when Memphis visits Ole Miss for the Aug. 30 opener will be the Tigers’ offensive line vs. the Rebels’ defensive line. Memphis will be very experienced up front with four seniors and a junior. Tommy West says, “This should be as good an offensive line as we’ve had here.”

The Ole Miss defensive line will be the best one that Ed Orgeron put together, but it will be coached by Houston Nutt and Tracy Rocker.

One of the things I found on the bookshelf was “The Wisdom of Southern Football,” a 1995 printing.

I leave you guys with a little John Vaught: “Outside the Louisiana Purchase, most Cajuns consider Billy Cannon’s run the greatest event in state history.”

— PA


54 Responses to “FYI: On Vacation II”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    “Things have been so slow at the office today that I did some cleaning and cleared my bookshelf of old media guides. Found some State stuff from the late 1990s.”

    Maybe the only time you’ll ever cover an sec west champ team.

  2. djrebel Says:

    It may very well be. State was able to catch lightning in a bottle in 1998 whereas Ole Miss was unable in 2003. Those two football seasons prove that our state schools can compete, but they also need to be ready to take advantage of opportunities.

    — PA

  3. Mooch Says:

    Using that logic, let me know when u think ur ready to head over to Hoover again?

  4. djrebel Says:

    Help me along Mooch. If that’s a question I’m not following it.

    — PA

  5. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    See where Seth Smith is back up with the Rockies.

  6. bigdraws Says:

    “Using that logic, let me know when u think ur ready to head over to Hoover again?”

    ditto for you and omaha.

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “I leave you guys with a little John Vaught: “Outside the Louisiana Purchase, most Cajuns consider Billy Cannon’s run the greatest event in state history.”
    Thanks to Coach Vaught’s modesty. That powerful (#1) Rebel football team did make LSU pay one hell-of-a-price for that Cannon run in the coming Sugar Bowl game. Ole Miss 21 LSU 0.

    “The Ole Miss defensive line will be the best one that Ed Orgeron put together, but it will be coached by Houston Nutt and Tracy Rocker.” I can’t speak for coach Nutt or Tracy, only as a long , long, long, time Rebel fan; thank you coach O for leaving us with this defensive line. Further, thanks to you for that 4-1 call late in 4th qtr down at Stressville that gave that terribly beaten
    State football team a victory. My congrat to them tho, they went on and won Liberty Bowl down on Beale Street, Memphis.

  8. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    More good news from Ole Miss: Ole Miss’ Greg Hardy and Peria Jerry are among 75 players named to the 2008 Watch List for the 14th Chuck Bednarik Award, as announced by Maxwell Football Club President Ron Jaworski.

    GO REBELS!!!

  9. Jimmy Barbee Says:


    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — A total of 31 Ole Miss Rebels were named to the 2008 SEC Freshmen Academic Honor Roll, as announced Tuesday by league Commissioner Mike Slive. Ole Miss concludes the 2007-08 season with 148 student-athletes receiving Honor Roll distinction from the conference.

  10. J. Moore Says:

    Thanks Jimmy.

  11. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Only 51 days before the Memphis Tigers come to Oxford. As PA states above it will the battle of Memphis OL vs The Rebs DL. In my opinion the DL will prevail. It should be a very good football game with The Rebels in the winning column. GO REBELS!!!

  12. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    It’s Called Golf

    In primitive society, when native tribes beat the ground with clubs and yelled, it was called witchcraft; today, in civilized society, it is called golf.

  13. BirdZ! Says:

    Kinda random there, JB, but good.

    You golf much?

  14. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    BirdZ! No. A good pasttime for those that can enjoy it.

  15. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Also, BirdZ! Could not afford the price for one of those self-propelled golf carts. Guess I could use my riding lawn mower.

  16. 03Rebel Says:

    News for the 1 or 2 rebels that still visit this blog, and the jealous cowherders too.

    Today will feature the best ‘Game Day’ experience!

  17. 03Rebel Says:

    I know PA posted his general prediction for the season a few posts back, but how bout starting a new one while he’s gone?

    I’m betting on 7-5, after glancing at the sched for a minute and counting with my fingers. I hope for beter results, but this is my prediction. Sure the stars could line up, all the fumbles bounce our way and maybe even get a game deciding call go our way, but 7-5 would be a good starting year for Nutt.

  18. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Thanks 03 for the info. Its been a bit slow on the blog lately. I normally visit Ole Miss and SECSports web sites daily for any breaking news.

  19. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I am hoping for 8 wins this season.

  20. 03Rebel Says:

    My bet for 08′:

    W – Memfus State – great opener for Nutt, even at 17:00 in August.
    biggest game of the year for Memfica, ouch.

    L – Wake Forrest – they are top 25 for a reason.
    Think Wake will be pumped for the home openner against an SEC school?

    W – Samford

    W – Vanderbilt – last year was there bowl shot

    L – Florida – Repeat Heisman?

    W – S. Carolina – don’t know much about the maroon & white, they are not predicted to be good this year but it’s always fun to go against Spurry

    L – Bama – just going with the experts here – they are supposed to better?
    would love to get a game changing make up call here.

    W – Arkansas – will be a tough game b/c of all the emotions, but going with the experts predictions again.

    L – Auburn – they may be the best in the SEC this year,
    hope we can play strong against them

    W – Lousi-Monroe – they beat Saban, ha

    L – LSU – Nutt has a great record against the coon asses, is that why we hired him? but it is in BR & they’re the champs

    W – Miss State – biggest celebration in U. of Miss State history was after beating our 3-9 team last year. like Mem. State – this is their big one, sad.

    There you have my guess. ESPN listed us a the toughest sched in SEC west. Any other prognosticators? out there?

  21. bigdraws Says:

    “W – Miss State – biggest celebration in U. of Miss State history was after beating our 3-9 team last year. like Mem. State – this is their big one, sad.”

    Either that or beating you to solidify our spot in the SEC championship game. LOL!! Also, I heard that your new jumbotron will be visible from the grove. That will enable you to beat your low attendance record of 22k.

  22. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    03Rebel, dem ole jealous cowherders are “good ole boys”, they don’t really know what a cow looks like. They are “city slickers” who work in AC offices with big ole executive desks and chairs, they sit with their feet resting upon their desk with laptop computers in laps playing their games. They got dem pretty tupelo gals service them with coffee and donuts, answering their phones and putting on a hollywood act. So my Rebel friend don’t be misled by their cowbell act.

  23. Mooch Says:

    A little disillusioned there aren’t ya big drawers? SEC champ game last year? Uh, that was Memphis and the other team was from the cusa. Those of us in the real world now it as the Liberty Bowl.

    Kinda funny though, I guess you inadvertantly proved 03’s thoughts about the big celebration, eh?

  24. 03Rebel Says:

    Glad Draws didn’t dispute game’s annual importance and celebrations. It would be a very sad day for Rebel fans if we were to ever live & die by our outcome with the state college. Guess your agreeing with my predictions too.

    The screen will still be facing North, away from the Grove. Maybe the next one will face South. As far as attendence records, they will come with victories. I think there will be 50K in the August heat, for Nutts opener. Pretty good for a relatively small school. I think the smallest school in the conference, even with the Medical Center and Tupelo campus. Maybe one day we can break the attendence records set by your games against Troy State and Grenda-Web.

    Mooch, he referred to the championship game in the 90’s, which later led to Sylbester’s slap on the wrist with a couple of scholarships lost.

    Anyone with a prediction to post?

  25. djrebel Says:

    Hey 03, thanks for chipping in with the prediction post. I’m gone for one more week, and then I’ll have daily updates again. Thanks to those checking in during the summer.

    I’m in Charlottesville, Va., right now. We’re on our way to DC for a few nights with a side trip to Philadelphia Wednesday and Camden Yards on Thursday night, the first night for MLB after the all-star break.

    Just took a self-guided tour of the UVA campus. Their football stadium is nice, bowled at one end and then with some nice construction and landscape at the other.

    I’m guessing 60 to 65 grand on the capacity, but I’m not good at that sort of thing and since I’ve been up since 3:20 when we started driving I’m not going to look it up on the net right now.


    — PA

  26. Mr. Conservative Says:

    I just love the assessment that Mooch has for the new name = Big Drawers. Mooch, I think that is the funniest new name yet.

  27. rebelfan38652 Says:

    03 I agree with you on the predictions. I am hoping we get a couple of calls against bama and wake.

  28. bigdraws Says:

    Who said anything about last year Hooch? That was in 98, when we played in the SEC championship game. A game that the Rubbles have never played in. Lots of hatred over here these days.

  29. 03Rebel Says:

    Never played in the SEC Champ game?, but we do have some SEC champion flags flying. Draws, If you don’t like trash talking about your school, go find a Bama blog. This is The University’s blog.

    Good to get Draws and RebFan’s agreement with the prediction.
    4 SEC wins will be a big jump. I’m guessing one will be on the road against the pigs, but that will be a very emotional game. Can we now add the Hogs to the list of schools that live and die by playing the Rebels? They will be in 08′. Anymore predictions. I’m at my inlaws this weekend and on the PC a lot.

  30. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    #1 rating once, #2 a few times nationally. Draws my young friend I would hang around to give you my moral support, but its off to Euharist Rite II for me and Sgt Maj. Ushers/Greeters today. Hang in will be back at 1300 hrs.

  31. Mr. Conservative Says:

    03Reb, I agree with your predictions, but hope we can get just 1 more “W”.

  32. rebelfan38652 Says:

    wil the memphica ole miss game be televised, or am I goin to be very hot that day?

  33. bigdraws Says:

    LOL, I’m fine with it 03. Just had to laugh at mooch. Dude got so mad he missed the whole point of my statement. That retaliation on his part would have made the french army proud.

  34. Mr. Conservative Says:

    03, I believe a 7-5 season will be acceptable for Coach N’s first year, especially since he doesn’t have his recruits in place. I do believe that a bowl game is in the future as well, and we will recruit well in the state of Mississippi after the season.

  35. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    In its 114-year history, the Ole Miss football program has claimed three national championships (1959, 1960 and 1962), six Southeastern Conference titles (1947, 1954, 1955, 1960, 1962, and 1963), and one SEC Western Division title (2003), produced 43 first-team All-Americans and numerous All-SEC selections, appeared in 31 bowl games, and sent over 200 players into the professional ranks.

    Not too bad for the smallest school in enrollement in SEC and to mention further,their demonstrated power in competition with all other major Colleges and Universities within the US. Well Done Rebels!!!

  36. rebelfan38652 Says:

    nice stats there JB. Is the memphis game going to be televised?

  37. Mr. Conservative Says:

    Hey Jimmy, thanks for the history lesson for our alumni. It’s people like you that puts it in perspective for us ” younguns ” to know what our capabilities are, within the college ranks. I have a feeling that, sooner or later, we will get back to that prominence, and you will have more championships to rack up there with these years. Go Rebels !!!!

  38. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    TV Memphis, don’t know. Mr. C. Ole Miss has been there been before and they can do it again. I have confidence in Coach Nutt and his staff. Coach Nutt is a winner and his record at Ark proves this. I remember Kent Austin days very well. He beat Auburn, if memory serves me correctly .He’s, also is a winner. I go back to the Jimmy Lear days, thats a long time back. Saw Jimmy and the Rebels beat a highly ranked Kentucky team under the leadership of “The Bear”, and all-american QB Parilli. I believe that started the Rebels on the roll to fame under Coach Vaught. Ole Miss has a winning tradition and hopeful Coach Nutt can get them rolling once again. I believe that He can. GO REBELS!!!

  39. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I believe that Chancellor Robert Khayat was an offensive tackle or guard on one those great Rebel team in 1959-60,61,62 time frame.

  40. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    1973 October 20 Ole Miss at(HC) Gainesville, FL L 13-10. This game the Gators wish not to talk about. I was in the AF stationed at Patrick AFB listening to the game on radio. The Gators late in the 4th qtr trailing by the score 13-10 and moving the ball very well and was deep into Ole Miss territory. Field Goal range. They had a 4-1 and could have went for the FG, but the QB lost count of the down, thinking it 3rd and 1 and threw the ball out of bounds to stop the clock. Well that was the game and Rebels win 13-10.

  41. VA Reb Says:

    O3 Reb…good prediction, but I believe we will beat Wake and get the 8th win….although 7-5 beats the heck out of anything we’ve done in a long time. Don’t believe Nutt will be going for the infamous “4th and one” this year!

  42. Mooch Says:

    Mad at drawers? that’s funny right there….Misread, very likely through these eyes and this brain…but mad at a bully trying to prop up his program on an OM board, not hardly, amused is more apprporiate.

    Sorry to disappoint in my non-anger’d post.

  43. bigdraws Says:

    Not propping up our program. Just proving how easily goaded you fellas are 🙂

  44. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    VA Reb, I am going with you on this 8 win season. After looking at some pre-season data, picks, selections, etc. Ole Miss stacks up pretty good talent wise. I definitely believe that Coach Nutt will used this talent to perfection. The Rebels were placed at #5 Sec West. That’s not bad pre-season rating. The way for them from there is up and I feel they will do it. I believe the stumbling blocks that they will face is LSU, Auburn and the Gators. Over the years the Rebs have dealt with the Gators on even ground. LSU as well. Well Auburn, they will just have to remember tuberville and take care of him and the Tigers. It could be some dirty wins this season for the Rebs, but we will take them. GO REBELS!!!!!

  45. SSA Says:

    I can’t see the rebels doing any better than 6-6, but after the last four years being back at .500 will be great. The team will be much improved because of Coach Nutt and his staff, but Wake Forest is going to be too good to slip up. Florida will run more plays than T-bow up the middle, South Carolina was 6-0 or 7-0 before falling apart last year, Ole Miss never beats the A-Teams but they’ll get one this year, and we haven’t beat LSU since 2001.

  46. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Confidence SSA! As I stated above some dirty win. LSU could be one of those. The Gators: Ole Miss not their HC game this year, they opted for Kentucky. T-man not the same style QB as Gators had in Oct 73 but they are beatable even in the “swamp”. Hope some Nole flags waving in that game.

  47. BirdZ! Says:

    JB, why woule any of these players be concerned about Tubberville? I just don’t think that would be a motivating factor for OM or Auburn.

  48. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Sorry BirdZ, that was way before your days. Ole Miss Fans remember him.

  49. BirdZ! Says:

    HA!! Not before my days JB. I was there in 98 to wave goodbye to tubby after the Battle for the Golden Egg.

    Would you not agree that both schools have moved on? (or at least need to)

  50. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I will give Tuberville some credit, not much. Ole Miss was in deep trouble with the NCAA. Tuberville did not have much talent to work with. He started to build up to program. It was the way in which he left. Can’t speak for State and not really for Ole Miss. Just a loyal fan of the Rebels for many starting back in the late 50’s as a teenager from Tula. Ole Miss has take three steps forward and one step backward since Tubby days. However, I believe they have just taken a giant step forward in employing a new able coaching staff.

  51. bigdraws Says:

    No doubt about that JB. Nutt should do fine over there. They took a risk on O and it backfired. I know a guy who’s an Arkansas fan. He was sick about the fact that they ran him off.

  52. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Draws like your avatar. Yes I have heard the same stories from Arkansas fans on an Air Force site. The claim “B” politics. If you get the message.

  53. Mooch Says:

    To the question asked days ago and lost through me eyesight. I think Rebels could finish anywhere from 5-7wins anything over huge success and anything under well be a nightmare, JMO. Wins over Mempho, Vandy, ULM and Samford definite have to win games. Other possible wins State, USC and Ark (road). Then the FLA, LSU, BAMA, AUB, and Wake games. Wake could show us a lot about our season, but the fact it’s so early not sure what kind of read we’ll actually get. Again, JMO.

    And BTW, No doubt hang out as long as you wish with avies like that…And you nailed the O/backfired peg square.

  54. VA Reb Says:

    I work with an Arkansas grad and avid fan. He says that no one is better than Nutt than getting a team prepared to play “over their heads.” He hates the fact that Nutt left…he’s predicting a 7 or 8 win season for the Rebels with a couple of those coming simply because Nutt can get so much out of a team. Let’s hope he’s right!

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