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FOOTBALL: Jackson has Powe timeline in mind

July 16, 2008

Jerrell Powe is no respecter of vaction. His story isn’t at least.

I was watching kids swim at the hotel last night, about to settle into my Nelson DeMille novel, when Powe’s attorney, Don Jackson, called to tell me he believes a decision on Powe’s eligibility will be announced within a day or two.

Here’s the Powe update link.

I guess I’m no respecter of vacation either, because when I finally got Pete Boone on his cell he was vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

Pete had no comment, nor did the SEC, regarding a timetable for a Powe announcement.

The ball is in the SEC’s court on this, and any such announcement would come from them.

I’m about to load up the family van for Philadelphia this morning, and we’ll be back in suburban DC tonight. I’m back at work officially on Monday then leaving late Tuesday or early Wednesday for Media Days in Hoover.

— PA