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FYI: Sunday odds and ends

July 20, 2008

A few odds and ends …

I took a laptop to Washington for personal use, not thinking I’d get a call from Don Jackson telling me the Jerrell Powe stuff was coming to a head. Throughout all of this Don Jackson has been the one who would talk. That isn’t surprising, because he has a long-term interest here. Jackson is no longer Powe’s attorney. He was hired specifically for the purpose of getting Jerrell Powe in school. If Powe finds himself in need of legal representation again, perhaps Jackson will be enlisted, perhaps not. But Jackson has followed the case and has an interest in how it plays out as he could possibly act as Powe’s agent one day. I spent a lot of time on the phone last week, much of it after a day in DC as I multi-tasked while I watched kids in the pool.

Yesterday was vacation Decompression Day but couldn’t include rest and recovery alone. There was also yard work and a little bit of pool time before getting back out in the humidity to sweat off a few buckets while repairing a screen in the sun room.

On the travel day we stopped at a Hampton Inn in Charlottesville, Va., and after dinner we took a quick drive through the UVA campus. It’s nice, as you might imagine. I particularly liked the football stadium, which was set down in a hill with trees and sidewalks all around. It is bowled on one end, and the other is a very nice make-up of columns, trees, sidewalks and the scoreboard. Very pleasant to look at, but a nightmare to park, I’m sure.

We stayed in a suburban Maryland hotel, and the first stop on the Metro was College Park. Never got off to tour the Terrapins’ facilities, though.

Camden Yards was a real treat. It was the first of MLB’s retro ballparks, and the old seats, the outfield festival atmosphere and the use of three different video screens were all really neat. I had to move out of my purchased seats, however, since they were so far back under the upper deck that we couldn’t enjoy the stadium. We were able to move out in the open for all nine innings and had a great time.

Best bargain on the DC trip was Mount Vernon, the plantation home of George Washington where he is buried. Lots to see and do. They’ll take you on a cruise of the Potomac if you like. You hear a lot more there about George the general rather than George the president.

Other DC highlights: The International Spy Museum, the National Archives and the Capitol.

I’m trying to plan a time for a blog chat this week, and I’m thinking 12:30-1 on Tuesday. I’ll post a definite time later on.

— PA