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Post questions or comments here. I’m here until 1 p.m.

— PA


41 Responses to “FYI: Chat on”

  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    what surprises can we expect from media days?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Now if we could expect them they wouldn’t be surprises! (Ha Ha). Actually, I think a lot of the topics will be what you expect … Powe, Perriloux, Alabama recruiting, Petrino, etc.

    — PA

  3. rebelfan38652 Says:

    i have been saying that the powe announcement wouldnt come until media days. How accesible has coach Nutt been for you personlly?

  4. djrebel Says:

    I’ve been so focused in on Powe lately I haven’t thought of much else. I’m thinking an announcement comes on him, if not at media days, then late Friday. Just a guess.

    — PA

  5. djrebel Says:

    Houston has been great. A 180 degree turnaround from Ed. He returns calls, and he’s pleasant and professional on the phone or in person.

    — PA

  6. djrebel Says:

    Does anybody here believe Greg Hardy will stay second team for long once practice begins?

    — PA

  7. rebelfan38652 Says:

    What do you think is to come of the whole Farve fiasco?

  8. rebelfan38652 Says:

    No way he stays secind team unless he is just an idiot.

  9. rebelnate Says:

    Was O really that bad to work with?

    How much of an impact do you think Powe will make?

    I think Greg Hardy will be the biggest disappointment of the year.

  10. rebelfan38652 Says:

    I mean unanimous selection. That is pretty impressive. Do you know why he is on the second team?

  11. djrebel Says:

    You bring up an interesting point on what it would take for Hardy to remain second team. That, in fact, could happen. I hope he gets his head on straight.

    As for Favre, I don’t know what will happen, but I keep thinking, “Don’t blow it Brett. Don’t just hang on.”

    I think he was surprised at how well he played last year. Fact is, he may not be ready to retire, but he didn’t need to say that he was for the whole off-season.

    — PA

  12. djrebel Says:

    Nate, haven’t seen you in a while. I think Powe’s impact will be significant but gradual, and I think Nutt and Co. will get the talent out of Hardy.

    — PA

  13. djrebel Says:

    Hardy is on second team, because the coaches are trying to get him to give a solid effort in every practice.

    — PA

  14. djrebel Says:

    Nate, O was really bad to work with. Didn’t like dealing with us, was prone to tell half-truths or no truths at all.

    — PA

  15. rebelfan38652 Says:

    so he loafes in practice sometimes? If he plays consistently hard and effectively in the games he will be starting pretty quick i would assume.

  16. rebelnate Says:

    I hope he does PA. This D-line has the makings to be awesome. Do you think the offense will be good enough to get a couple of conference wins this year?

  17. rebelnate Says:

    Yea Coach O is pretty much sn idiot. He should do good coaching stupid D-lineman in the pro’s though.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Nate, this offense looks really good on paper. That’s assuming Eason holds on to the ball, and that Snead and Davis have no real problems adjusting to a higher level of game speed.

    Rebelfan, yes, Hardy slacks in practice occasionally, but the talent is there, and it’s the coach’s job to find a way to make that talent help the team. If Greg never gets his head on right, he may not start, but you’ll see him in special situations and playing about half the game I would think.

    — PA

  19. rebelfan38652 Says:

    i really wanted to like coach o even bought the t-shirt. he was an idiot though

  20. djrebel Says:

    One thing Ed did well was recruit to the DL and coach the DL. There’s pretty good talent there right now. I think he’s in a good job with the Saints where he can focus on the DL, not have to deal with the media and not have to manage a large group of people.

    — PA

  21. djrebel Says:

    There’s always optimism at the beginning. Maybe Ed will benefit from this experience in a second chance one day.

    — PA

  22. djrebel Says:

    Guys, thanks for stopping by. I’ve got to run.

    — PA

  23. 03Rebel Says:

    I missed the time slot, but would still like to throw out a question.
    Who is the starting running back right now, and do you expect that to change before the opener?

  24. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, keep up the good work, we appreciate you and your reporting. Any news that you can report on my Saints team. Didn’t know Coach O was with the Saints. I think that he will do good there. I will need tell my son about this. My son and I have been Saints from day 1.

  25. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Jimmy. Having grown up in Denham Springs, LA, I’m a life-long and often suffering Saints fan myself.

    03, Eason has the job going in. If Davis turns out to be as good as everyone believes he will be, certainly he will challenge for the job. My thinking would be that if Eason has a good camp as well, that he would be rewarded for his work and time in the program by being named “the starter” but that the snaps would basically be shared.

    — PA

  26. rebelfan38652 Says:

    Jimmy ya’ll got a good tight end now. Schockey can take some pressure off of Bush and Colston.

  27. bigdraws Says:

    That guys got a lot of talent, but he’s an idiot.

  28. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Shockey one tough competitor. He had a big influence on Eli’s success to date.
    Reggie one of the greatest. Hope The Deuce stays healthy to aid Reggie. Drew one of the best QB’s, sorry Eli , Peyton, and Brady. Drew earned his way the hard way.

  29. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Draws, he’s a tough competitor. Put in a hard days work for a hard days’ pay.

  30. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The Saint for years was Archie Manning, Derlin Moore, and Tommy????(Def back). Had some very good drafts, used short term, traded them, some went on for all-pro status. Leaving Archie, Derlin, and Tommy behind.

  31. bigdraws Says:

    He’s a good player. But he’s also a headcase. Who am I to talk though. My Chiefs are pathetic.

  32. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Draws, my memory slipping, but was not the Chiefs the first Super Bowl winners from the old AFL?

  33. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Lynn Dawson

  34. bigdraws Says:

    I believe so. Not as up on my NFL history as I am my baseball. I know they won one super bowl. I still dig em, and try to keep up. It’s gonna be tough this year with two youngens in the house.

  35. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Little youngens precious, love them, they are your most prized possession to you and Mrs Draws. When at teenagers, many questions, why? Just love them and cherish your precious ones.

  36. bigdraws Says:

    Thanks man. Mrs Draws is on bedrest till the baby gets here. She’s due between the first two home games for my dawgs. Hoping for a slightly early birthday so I don’t have to miss a home game. jk. Got a fulltime job around the crib these days. Oh well, that’s baseball…..Or something like that.

  37. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    The best to you and family.

    Got Chris on me over on Greg about Powe. Need help over there.

  38. tcfan Says:

    Here’s my take on a couple things:

    Powe situation: SEC Media Day announcement or soon after. I figure, like PA’s been saying, it’ll be on Friday, for it’ll take the weekend to get over and Monday will be overrun by other stories. I think Powe is going to be able to play, and if something happens to prevent that, watch out (OM fanbase will basically riot).

    RB Competition: And the first run of the game in 2008, Snead hands off to _______.

    Answer: Eason

    Eason will get the first snap for being the best returning back and waiting two years for it. It’ll be kind of a “thank you” from Houston. However, I believe down the road we’ll see more and more carries from Enrique and Bolden. At the end of the season, I think E. Davis will be carrying the majority of the load with Eason and Bolden getting carries when he gets hurt (hopefully not) or tired.

  39. rebfan Says:

    I think you guys are overlooking Devin Thomas. I watched some of his highlights and he is awesome. If his ankle holds up, watch out for him in the mix at running back also.

  40. 03Rebel Says:

    Will the SEC commish be available for questions today?
    How many different ways can you ask if Powe is eligable?

  41. tcfan Says:

    rebfan, I 100% agree. The only reason I’m overlooking him is because I haven’t heard the coaching staff say too much about him, which points to maybe his ankle is still concerning him. If he comes back at 100%, he’s a better back than Bolden IMO.

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