FYI: Hitting the links

Here’s some morning linkage for you. Jerrell Powe column. Coaches All-SEC team.

Gregg and I are tying up loose ends today and leaving for Media Days tonight. We’ll have updates as they happen in a sort of “ticker” format at Wednesday through Friday.

Stop by and chat at 12:30 today.

— PA


4 Responses to “FYI: Hitting the links”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    PA, excellent article on Powe. Also, the article regarding Farley that Gregg Ellis wrote was great. Keep up the good work. Larry

  2. Raleighrebel Says:

    PA, I know it has been mentioned before, but what has Powe been doing the last few years to stay in shape to enable him to compete competively in the SEC? Not sure if you are aware or not of his excercise habits. I was just curious if he has been dedicated this entire time to exercising so that he’ll be ready to play. I’m confident that after this season, the coaches will be able to get him up to speed, but would think that he may not be anywhere near 100% by the time the season starts.

  3. tcfan Says:

    I have a friend that saw him the other day in a store and he heard a kid ask him “Mr. Powe, are you going to be playing for the Rebels this year?”. And Powe smiled and looked down and said, “Make sure your daddy brings you to the Memphis game”.

    PA, go after Slive hard with the Powe questions lol. Is it really true that the SEC has FULLY cleared Powe but Ole Miss admin is the one holding off on the announcement to review everything? If so, quite ridiculous, they should’ve gotten all of that done already. As soon as SEC said go, it should be done.

  4. djrebel Says:

    I do believe he’s been cleared. This announcement thing seems to have taken a bit of a turn. I was hearing earlier that the SEC was playing hard ball and was really wanting to make the announcement. Now I’m hearing there could be something as simple as a news release from the university that includes quotes from Slive.

    I’m not ruling out the possibility of some sort of announcement at Media Days, but it could also be shortly thereafter.

    Ole Miss often will send out a news release near the end of the work day. It wouldn’t surprise me to see something online in the late afternoon on Friday.

    Raleigh, regarding Powe’s conditioning, I don’t know exactly what kind of workout routine he’s had. I’ve been told that his conditioning was pretty poor but has since improved.

    I don’t believe he’ll step on the field and dominate. I think the time away from the game will have some sort of effect, but he should catch up quickly.

    — PA

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