MEDIA DAYS: Early signing period?

That’s been one of the topical questions yesterday and today. There has been some support for a November signing day for football, but generally coaches seem to be against it. They’re concerned about trying to host recruits and give them the necessary amount of attention during the season when they’re also have to prepare for games. What say ye?

— PA


2 Responses to “MEDIA DAYS: Early signing period?”

  1. 03Rebel Says:

    Move the date back, not up. It’s better for coaches to be able to evaluate their senior seasons (on and off the field). A later date gives the kids a chance to take the ACT for the 3rd time. I think it’s better to give the kids more time, and make less of a knee-jerk reaction. If they are really comitted, then they will still sign with that team in March.

    Did you see Vandy’s coach’s comment about recruiting future doctor’s and lawyers who also are football players, please. Vandy’s not the only school with a Med and Law program, that’s why we got Powe.

  2. SSA Says:

    They should just leave it alone.

    Does anybody else hate instant replay? I wish they would do away with it instead of adding to the number of plays that can be reviewed, and giving the coaches extra challenges.

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