MEDIA DAYS: Nuggets from Nutt

(Have you given much thought to your game at Arkansas?)

You can’t help but think about it. I grew up in Arkansas, thought at one time I’d be there for life. I had 10 great years working with great people. We won three titles, on two of them went to Atlanta. We had great days and great times. You can’t help but think what it will be like going in on the visitors’ side. But Oct. 25 is a long way away, and my thoughts quickly go back to Memphis.

(Will Jerrell Powe ever play a down at Ole Miss?)

I hope so. I don’t know. We’re still waiting, just like y’all. I’m anxious to see if the guy can play. I’ve been told that he can.

(Can the SEC win the national championship this year?)

So many great players, then you have great coaches, not only head coaches but assistant coaches, excellent coaches who will be head coaches. I think we’ll be knocking on that door. You know what they bring to the table, and you know how good everybody is. It’s outstanding football.

(What is the mindset like taking over a team that was 0-8 in the SEC?)

It’s very siimilar to the very first year at Arkansas. They were 4-7 and didn’t win too many conference games. The mindset we’re facing is very similar. You take your experiences and try to change a mindset to one that won’t accept losing. Just because you change the bus driver doesn’t mean necessarily you’re going to win. It’s the guys out there blocking and tackling. That’s what you’re trying to get across to your team. We look good in a uniform, but there’s a whole lot more than that in 60 minutes (of football).

— PA


One Response to “MEDIA DAYS: Nuggets from Nutt”

  1. kylebuddy Says:

    I hope that he can do it again, change the season, the look of the Rebels.

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