MEDIA DAYS: Text from Peria Jerry interview

(How has your time been at Media Days?)

It’s been a great experience for me. I’ve never been in front of so many cameras. I haven’t asked too many crazy questions. A lot of them have been simple.

(What do you expect from the defense?)

I expect a lot from our defense. We have a lot of returning starters, and we’re pretty solid up front. We’re looking forward to getting Jerrell in pretty soon, and I think we’re going to be pretty talented on the defensive side of the ball.

(If you had a dollar for every time you’ve been asked about Jerrell Powe …)

I’d be rich right now.

(Are the players used to coach Nutt?)

Everybody is settled in with him. You talk to coach Nutt like he’s just another guy you’ve been around a long time. You’re just comfortable around him. He’s a team player. He talks about everybody sticking together as a family, and that’s one of the biggest things we’ve improved on.

There’s a whole nother energy level in Oxford since coach Nutt came. We’ve taken that and we’re running with it. Some guys had to gain weight, and they’ve put in the extra work. I feel like we’re getting ready to have a great season.

(On new defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix)

He’s a high energy guy, I love him. He’s got a great scheme coming in. We’re just willing to learn it and go out and play.

(What are your expectations for the season?)

We have a lot of talent at Ole Miss. We feel like we could have beaten a lot of those teams last season. We’re working hard, and we’re looking forward to changing this around.

— PA


2 Responses to “MEDIA DAYS: Text from Peria Jerry interview”

  1. kylebuddy Says:

    I hope that we can see that great side of returning starters and the talent also
    on offense, and try to go and win a few games.

  2. va reb Says:

    Ohr continues to impress me as a sincere, humble young man. It will be fun watching his continued success. PA, agree with your predictions but hope we do a little better in the West.

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