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MEDIA DAYS: Has it outgrown Hoover?

July 25, 2008

Tony Barnhart says it’s time to move Media Days to Atlanta because of the silliness of an SEC coach, Phillip Fulmer, receiving a subpoena in a made for media event by a couple of attorneys. I say the same thing happens in Atlanta if the rift is between Fulmer and Georgia and not Fulmer in Alabama. Fans are fans. Attorneys are attorneys. There are going to be stunts like this. The SEC may choose to move this event, but it does a fine job hosting it in Hoover, the Birmingham suburb.

— PA


MEDIA DAYS: Playing your old employer

July 25, 2008

With new Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino now in the same division with Auburn, where he served as offensive coordinator, there are five instances where an SEC coach will play against his former school every year.

Four of those instances are with head coaches: Auburn’s Tommy Tuberville against Ole Miss, South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier against Florida, Alabama’s Nick Saban against LSU and Ole Miss’ Houston Nutt against Arkansas.

Tuberville was asked how he deals with that situation.

“You have to have a game plan mentally as a coach when you face a team you just coached. You have to have your thoughts in mind, not just for you but your staff. You have to focus. If you take the focus away from your team and think it’s about you, you’ve got problems.

“You have to be open. Don’t change anythiing, just be yourself. There will be a lot of talk going on that week. I’ve been through it several times. You have to take it, understand the way it is and work through it. It brings back a lot of memories, but you can’t let it get in the way of the business of preparing 70 or 80 guys to put on a bus or plane and go play at a hostile environment.”

— PA

MEDIA DAYS: All-SEC media team

July 25, 2008

FIRST TEAM OFFENSE – TE Ingram FLa; OL Smith AL; OL Oher Ole Miss; OL Parker Tenn; OL Johnson LSU, C Luigs Arkansas; WR Harvin Fla; WR Kenny McKinley SC; QB Tebow FLa; RB Moreno Ga; RB Foster Tenn.

SECOND TEAM OFFENSE – TE Dickson LSU; OL Black LSU; OL Green Auburn; OL Ziemba Auburn; OL Williams Kentucky; C Caldwell Bama; WR Massaquoi Ga; WR Byrd LSU; QB Stafford GA; RB Dixon MSU; RB Tate Auburn.

FIRST TEAM DEFENSE – DL Hardy Ole Miss; DL Jackson LSU; DL Marks Auburn; LB Spikes Fla, LB McCoy Tenn; LB Brinkley S Carolina; LB Beckwith LSU; LB Ellerbe Ga; DB Pegues MSU; DB Moore Vanderbilt; DB Berry Tennessee; DB Johnson Bama.

SECOND TEAM DEFENSE – DL Jean-Francois LSU; DL Coleman Auburn; DL Jarmon Kentucky; LB Blackmon Auburn; LB McClain Bama; LB Norwood S Carolina; LB Chaney MSU; DB Munnerlyn S Carolina; DB Lindley Kentucky; DB Allen Ga; DB Powers Auburn.

FIRST TEAM SPECIAL TEAMS – K Colt David LSU; P Shoemaker Auburn; RS James Fla.

SECOND TEAM SPECIAL TEAMS – K Byrum Auburn, P Succop S Carolina; RS Arenas Bama.





South Carolina








Ole Miss



VOTE BREAKDOWN FOR OVERALL CHAMP: Florida 36, Georgia 18, Auburn 13, LSU 1, Tennessee 1, Ole Miss 1.

I did not vote for the Rebels.

— PA

MEDIA DAYS: Day 3 about to begin

July 25, 2008

We’re about 5 minutes away from Day 3. It’s a nice feeling to have State and Ole Miss in the rear view mirror and to have a low impact day on Get-away day. Here’s our links from the Ole Miss coverage in today’s print edition.

Nutt at Media Days

Peria Jerry announces Powe