FOOTBALL: Powe update

Here’s our update, which is also available at Neither Pete Boone nor Houston Nutt have been available for comment beyond the news release. We’ll have more in Tuesday’s print edition.

— PA

OXFORD – Jerrell Powe’s quest to play football at Ole Miss ended successfully today.

At roughly 4:20 this afternoon the university announced on its website that Powe was in good academic standing and had been cleared for competition for the 2008 season.

In addition to its news release, the university released letters from athletics director Pete Boone and SEC commissioner Mike Slive.

Boone’s letter informed Slive that Powe — a learning disabled student from Wayne County High School who has sought admission at Ole Miss since completing his prep career in 2004 – has made the necessary progress toward degree requirements while enrolled at Ole Miss for the 2007-2008 academic year.

In his responding letter Slive signed off on Powe’s eligibility.

In August 2007 the NCAA ruled that Powe could enroll at Ole Miss and receive athletic-related financial aid but could not play football until passing college coursework for a year, in effect making him a “partial qualifier.”

Since the SEC rules on partial qualifiers on a case-by-case basis, Slive held the final say on Powe’s immediate future.

“We are pleased that Jerrell will now become a student-athlete. It has been a long process and it is now time to move forward,” said Boone in the news release.


One Response to “FOOTBALL: Powe update”

  1. va reb Says:

    Good for Powe!! He deserves it. We need his grit and determination on the team. I wish him much success!

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