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FOOTBALL: September home kickoffs moved back

July 29, 2008

This from Ole Miss Media Relations.

— PA

OXFORD — Due to expected high temperatures, Ole Miss is announcing a 6 p.m. CST kickoff for the Aug. 30 opener against Memphis and any non-television September home games this season, including the Sept. 13 meeting with Samford.

The Vanderbilt game on Sept. 20 is tentatively set for 6 p.m., pending the announcement of the SEC TV schedule for that week.

“The heat factor played a major role in this decision,” said Ole Miss Athletics Director Pete Boone. “We have experienced exceptionally hot weather in Oxford this summer, and we hope to provide as much relief as possible for our fans in the early-season games.”


FOOTBALL: Deserve an interview?

July 29, 2008

I had to roll my eyes at Jerrell Powe’s statement yesterday. I’ve heard this line of thinking before, but it’s so misguided.

Powe, in a statement released by the school’s media relations office, says he doesn’t “deserve to give interviews yet,” because he hasn’t proven himself on the field or in the classroom.

The statement goes on to say that other Ole Miss players are “more deserving” of media “time and interest,” because they have in fact proven themselves.

Exactly what is the criteria for “deserving” an interview. It’s really not very complicated, and it’s actually a long way from whatever athletic accomplishments one might achieve.

The qualifications for an interview are simple. Do something that creates reader interest. We’re trying to take care of our customers, and when we discern stories and people that interest them, we head in that direction.

An interview is not an honor and privilege as to “deserve an interview” as the statement suggests.

— PA

FOOTBALL: Powe for print

July 29, 2008

Here’s our take on Powe from the print edition. The story got good play in SEC quarters, but the wire version was also picked up the the International Herald Tribune, the global edition of the New York Times.

— PA