FOOTBALL: Deserve an interview?

I had to roll my eyes at Jerrell Powe’s statement yesterday. I’ve heard this line of thinking before, but it’s so misguided.

Powe, in a statement released by the school’s media relations office, says he doesn’t “deserve to give interviews yet,” because he hasn’t proven himself on the field or in the classroom.

The statement goes on to say that other Ole Miss players are “more deserving” of media “time and interest,” because they have in fact proven themselves.

Exactly what is the criteria for “deserving” an interview. It’s really not very complicated, and it’s actually a long way from whatever athletic accomplishments one might achieve.

The qualifications for an interview are simple. Do something that creates reader interest. We’re trying to take care of our customers, and when we discern stories and people that interest them, we head in that direction.

An interview is not an honor and privilege as to “deserve an interview” as the statement suggests.

— PA


15 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Deserve an interview?”

  1. Colreb420 Says:

    I see what you are saying PA. But cut this kid some slack he has just cleared a huge hurdle in his life. He wants the story to be over and to focus on football.Plus we all know the story, he released his statement now we can move on. WAY TO GO #57. I have a feeling we will be hearing from him real soon!

  2. rebmus Says:

    I’m sure Nutt recalls the Shayfuh hype and how the focus was much more on that one player than the team.
    I’m wondering if Nutt led Powe to the “no interview” decision in order to help create more of a “team attitude”.

  3. djrebel Says:

    I’m with you Col. I completely understand his desire to move on from this story. I also want to move on. But I think after a week or two in pads, Jerrell ought to be able to answer a few questions about how his camp is going.

    There can be a media relations staff member present to keep the interview from turning back to his journey to eligibility.

    For the record, Jerrell was available at media day last year and superbly handled a large group of media. He wasn’t giddy or overly talkative, but he looked you in the eye and answered questions. He was engaging.

    I understand this has been a big story, a very different story, but Jerrell ought to be able to answer questions about his performance on occasion.

    — PA

  4. VA Reb Says:

    Yeah, I think he will in a few days. But, I think he’s right on target…let his teammates who have proven themselves on the field enjoy the “interview limelight” right now. His time will come, and his interviews will be based on his performance (or lack of) on the field.

  5. J. Moore Says:

    PA, your right and I expect you to get an interview. He probably is saying this right now because we all know his phone is ringing off the hook. Stay with it PA.

  6. MB Says:

    Is there any word on Trahan?

  7. djrebel Says:

    I’ve not heard anything official, just that Houston felt good about his chances. I know the classes he was taking for 12 hours at Northwest were not easy: Intro to Philosophy, British Lit 1 and 2 and English Comp. With all those classes sounds like he’ll be able to give an interview.

    — PA

  8. VA Reb Says:

    PA, that last post on Trahan was a funny one!!! You might even get a little “Football Shakespeare!”

  9. MB Says:

    Thanks PA.

  10. Mooch Says:

    Congrats Powe!

  11. KY REB Says:

    I hope Powe doesn’t talk to any reporter until the end of the year. By that time, he will have another year of college under his belt and maybe will have contributed to a winning season for the Rebels. The kid did good and doesn’t want to attract attention when he hasn’t done a thing on the field for Ole Miss to date. I also hope that selling newspapers is the last thing on his mind. If this kid falls out of school, he will have a long way to go in life. He needs to concentrate on what is important. Giving interviews isn’t that important.

  12. Will Says:

    Good post KY Reb! I would expect a thorough journalist like PA to want to get an interview. But I also imagine someone is guiding Mr. Powe on this matter. I doubt he came up with this approach himself. If his mother had taken this approach, and not said that he could not read, maybe some of the things that are being said about him would not be in print today!

    I know PA is a good man, but many journalist have a killer instinct looking for a story.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    And whadya know? He does an interview with ESPN this morning. Guess they couldn’t turn down the pub.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for posting. This isn’t about selling newspapers, it’s about reader interest. Will, I have no doubt Powe is being guided here, and the school is right to work to protect his interests, but there’s a middle ground that can be achieved if Powe would be allowed to speak with a media relations staff member present who could then see that the direction of the interview is forward in nature … that Powe is answering questions about camp, about his own performance, progress, goals, etc.

    Powe’s eligibility fight has ended. His story has not.

    I address it all a little more in today’s print edition:

    — PA

  15. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    A good article, PA, I’m with you. Keep up the good work.

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