FOOTBALL: Trahan’s impact

Looks like Patrick Trahan has made the grades as expected, which is very good news for the Rebels. This guy has some pretty impressive credentials and looks like he has the ability to make big plays. There isn’t a lot of depth at linebacker, but add him to the mix, and it could be a pretty good group. Trahan falls into the August category of a guy with potential who hasn’t really done it consistently at the big-time level. (See Jevan Snead, Cordera Eason, Enrique Davis.) But if Trahan is the player many people believe he is, the linebackers could be a pretty solid group. Then the biggest remaining question for the defense is cornerback.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Trahan’s impact”

  1. jwbreb Says:

    Cleared of what?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Has made the necessary grades to be eligible.

    — PA

  3. rebfan Says:

    this ole miss team is going to be hard to handle if everyone lives up to their expectations. But what are the odds of that happening?

  4. va reb Says:

    An Auburn friend said that Trahan was the real deal and they would have loved to have had him back. We’ll see.

  5. jwbreb Says:

    rebfan, hope you are right about this Ole Miss team. Its about time for them to rise and shine again.

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