FYI: Hitting the links

Here’s our print edition take on Ole Miss’ freshmen and newcomers reporting for the start of August camp. The veterans “report” today, and Houston Nutt meets with the media at 2 p.m. Report day is different than it used to be, and most of these guys have been in town all summer. This is actually just the first day that Nutt can command their schedules, and the workouts are no longer “voluntary.”

Here’s an interesting piece we had on the inside for our Sunday Read. Gene Phelps, Brad Locke, Gregg Ellis and myself, plus Brandon Speck of the Monroe County Journal, all had the opportunity to visit Yankee Stadium this season, the last for the place where so many of baseball’s special moments happened. Here’s a local perspective on the grounds.

The trip was a first for me, and I owe it to Andy Kennedy’s bunch making the NIT semis. A couple of us hung around an extra day and made it to the Yankees’ second home game of the season. It was cold baseball.

— PA


36 Responses to “FYI: Hitting the links”

  1. rebelswin Says:

    Nobody cares about the Yankees down here. This is St. Louis Cardinals country.
    Instead of writing about the Yankees, you should be writing more about the Ole Miss Rebels. Where is our “Ole Miss 101” like Gregg did for M$U? Let me guess, you are not doing one. All of the all-time Ole Miss accomplishments would dwarf the ones from M$U and the Daily Journal just can’t let that happen. Keep on pumping Croom and the bulldogs up. Reality is about to set back in……very soon………..

  2. jwbreb Says:

    rebelswin, ease up on PA, he is just about the only Ole Miss reporting we get down here in Gator land. He’s doing a great job for the Rebs.

  3. jwbreb Says:

    PA, beware, this rebelswin could be an imposter coming here from Gregg’s site.

  4. rebelfan38652 Says:

    there is an interesting read on Greg Hardy @ and it is a free read as well.

  5. rebelswin Says:

    I’m not an imposter from anywhere. Just an Ole Miss fan sick and tired of the lame coverage we get.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Rebelswin, thanks for checking in.

    Our State and Ole Miss coverage is evenly divided, but that doesn’t mean that Gregg and I do the exact same things all the time. I had an Ole Miss column earlier in the week. Guess you missed that.

    I’ll have another update today on what Nutt has to say about the returning players. I’ll warn you in advance that there won’t be any player quotes, because players aren’t available until media day on Tuesday.

    I’ll have an Ole Miss column and additional coverage off media day. I also had football perspective on this blog twice last week and will continue throughout the season.

    Sometimes coverage appears weighted if you pick up the sports section only one day, and the team you dislike appears splashed across the front, as Ole Miss was the day before.

    — PA

  7. Bo Says:

    I lived in Tupelo my whole life (I’m 26), until a couple years ago. I now live in Bentonville, AR (Hogville!) and I always felt that the Daily Journal was heavily favored toward State, and that the Commercial Appeal was favored toward Ole Miss (after Memphis of course), so I usually read Ole Miss sports stuff on that paper.

    Now my primary source of Ole Miss related information is this blog, so thanks PA!

  8. djrebel Says:

    Bo I appreciate your opinion.

    We tire of the accusations that we favor one paper over another. If you compare our Ole Miss and State coverage over the course of a year, you will find it to be almost even.

    It will never be exactly even. Sometimes the success of a team drives reader interest. There were years when there was just more interest in MSU basketball than in Ole Miss basketball. In recent years Ole Miss has had a run of success in baseball that has surpassed State’s success, even with State’s CWS appearance in 2007. Even in those situations the difference likely isn’t the quantity of coverage in newsprint but in how it is displayed on our front page, which I figure is what got Rebelswin’s briefs wadded to begin with.

    For the most part, especially in how our weekly coverage is determined throughout a given regular season for the big three sports, our coverage will be even.

    Our office on South Green Street is one hour from each campus. It makes no economic sense, or any other type of sense, to favor one team over another. We do not. We’re accused of favoring Ole Miss by State fans. We will always be accused of special treatment, which we see as an occupational hazard.

    I’m glad you’ve found useful information on this blog, and I hope you continue to participate.

    On a side note, I have always enjoyed my trips to your new adopted hometown. There’s a lot going on in that Bentonville to Fayetteville corridor, and now they’ve added minor league baseball. It’s a neat area.

    — PA

  9. rebelswin Says:

    Parrish, I know that ya’ll “try” to give eqaul treatment to both schools. That however is not the point I was trying to make. It is somtimes what is “in” an article that gets people attention.
    For instance, in Greggs’ M$U 101, he says that the team M$U has beat the most times is Ole Miss with 39 total wins. Gregg left out the fact though, that, Ole Miss leads the overall series–pretty overwhelmingly. That’s where you were supposed to come in with our Ole Miss 101 article and tell that the team Ole Miss has beat the most is M$U, etc.
    A person that doesn’t keep up with sports to often would have read Greggs’ article and thought that M$U is THE team in Mississippi, when to the contrary, Ole Miss is THE flagship University in this state. All I’m saying is it doesn’t hurt to get a good “dig” into our rivals from time to time. The DJ has failed Ole Miss miserably at this over the years.

  10. bigdraws Says:

    You people are absolutly ridiculous. You have to be looking for something to complain about. And I’ve heard State folks that say the DJ is biased against State. They too have their heads up there butts. During fb season, the DJ has a special day of coverage for each team during the week. Just because he’s not trying to put lipstick on a pig doesn’t mean the paper doesn’t like you (yeah, that’s what you sound like.)

  11. djrebel Says:

    The emails I have received from you over the years indicate that you do not understand my job.

    It is not my job to take a dig at your rival. If you believe Gregg’s column was incomplete you should discuss that with Gregg.

    I will not participate in further discussion on this topic, because it takes away from the blog.

    — PA

  12. jwbreb Says:

    Changed my mind today, I am voting “bully4pres”.

  13. bigdraws Says:

    Last thing I’ll say PA. If it’s the one comment you didn’t like. Don’t worry. No one has forgotten about Archie Manning and all that. You would NEVER make it if you were a State fan in NE mississippi. I’ve had that crap driven down my throat my whole life. That may be the reason I chose State over OM. Got tired of hearing about em. No doubt OM has an overwhelming edge in football history. Somebody makes one comment saying State has beat OM more than the rest of their opponents and yall throw a fit. LOL!!!

  14. djrebel Says:

    Draws, it’s not a single comment. It’s a mindset. When fans of one school cannot objectively consider the other it’s healthy for neither. Rivalries have always been intense, but in these days of the Internet, there are more opportunities for people to overdo it. There are good people at both schools, and both have had their share of achievement and accomplishment.

    — PA

  15. jwbreb Says:

    Draws mentioned Archie Manning above. Watching the Hall of Fame game here now. Wondering how many more years does Archie have to wait. He deserves this award.

  16. bigdraws Says:

    What award? And I agree. From what I’ve heard he was an outstanding qb.

  17. jwbreb Says:

    What I mean is that Archie deserves to be in that Hall of Fame.

    I personally believe that broken arm that Archie got in the game with Univ Houston in his jr year at OM was an intended act. I think that they intended to take him out of that game. That UH LB zeroed in on Archie to injury him and he did. That’s the way I feel about. I was not there, but listening to the game on radio.

  18. Bo Says:


    I hope you didn’t take my comments personally, because I can assure you that there wasn’t any intent to say that you guys at DJ do a bad job or that you conspire to be the Bulldog sports page or anything like that. A lot of it probably started with the ’99 Egg Bowl. I take losses to anyone really hard, but gimme losses to State really drive me insane. It always seems like if the game can go in one of the teams favors, the luck always swings in their favor (Immaculate Deflection not included). Once again, it’s probably all in my head, but the ’99 and ’07 Egg Bowls will give me a bad taste in my mouth for a long, long time, and I felt like the DJ would talk about those games over and over and over. Basically, I’m a sore loser and I know that…I need help, in more ways than one! 🙂

    As for Bentonville, it’s nice. It’s got a lot of stuff to do and I’ve made a few good friends. The minor league baseball team (Naturals) is pretty cool, but it’s hard for me, personally, to get excited about minor league teams. Obviously, if the Royals were to draft one of my beloved Rebel baseball players, it would help the cause… As you can imagine living in Bentonville, I work for Wal-Mart. My wife and I graduated in from Ole Miss in May ’06 and moved up here where I’m a programmer for Wal-Mart and my wife is a school teacher.

    Sorry for the novel, but once again, please don’t take my comments personally. Sometimes people like me just have to go to another source of information to hear what they want to hear, rather than the truth. If you twist a story enough times, you can make it lean in your favor. 🙂

  19. bigdraws Says:

    ’97 egg bowl ring a bell?

  20. bigdraws Says:

    JB I actually thought he was in the HOF. I’ll have to take your word for the other thing. Was before my time.

  21. Bo Says:

    Going for 2 is a huge gamble though. We get it and Tubby’s a hero…we miss it and he’s an idiot. It reminds me of some of Les Miles’ decisions this year…when he went for the touchdown against Auburn (Tubby getting his comeuppance?) where there wouldn’t have been any time left was a HUGE gamble. It worked out for them, but it could have easily backfired as well.

    The ’99 and ’07 games were different because we DOMINATED the game, but still lost. Those games hurt. It’s kinda like the Bama game last year. I felt like we played better overall, but still lost. Those games hurt a lot worse than blowouts in my opinion.

  22. bigdraws Says:

    It’s all in the eyes of the beholder my friend. Losses hurt worse than the wins feel good sometimes.

  23. djrebel Says:

    Bo, I did not take anything personally. Glad you’re here.

    — PA

  24. BirdZ! Says:

    PA, as to the topic, I enjoyed the articles that you guys wrote about visiting Yankee Stadium. It’s not about being a yankee fan or not, its about visiting one of the most storied sports stadiums on the country. Thanks to each of you for sharing a little.

  25. rebelswin Says:

    I have to disagree Parrish. I do understand your job. My subscription helps pay your salary. I want to read about the good and bad hapenings at Ole Miss. When we need objective criticism, give it, and when we need a cheerleader, you need to do that too. And yes, it is your job to take “digs” at our rival schools whenever one presents itself. It is what your bosses (subscribers) want to read.

  26. BirdZ! Says:

    rebelswin, PA already said he was done with this. Be quiet.

  27. bigdraws Says:

    So, you want him to say “starksville” or something gay like that more often?

  28. 2thdoc Says:

    rebelswin, that’s like saying it’s your dentist’s job to tell you your breath smells like roses and you have no cavities because you are paying him for the cleaning and that’s what you want to hear.

  29. va reb Says:

    I read PAs blog, Commercial Appeal, Clarion Ledger, and Daily Journal for Rebel news but I always check PAs blog first. Keep up the good work, PA!! Larry

  30. djrebel Says:

    Thanks BirdZ. I think most of our readers appreciate the history of Yankee Stadium even if they’re Cardinals fans.

    — PA

  31. jwbreb Says:

    Morning 2doc, nice hearing from you again. Still on vacation?

  32. jwbreb Says:

    BirdZ, you still here? Thanks for deleting that for me.

  33. 2thdoc Says:

    I’ll be back on Wednesday Jwbreb. Gotta love college football and as a State fan I can see UM making a huge improvement this year. Wouldn’t be surprised if both teams had identical records with the better bowl going to the Egg bowl winner. Y’all have a good week over here and be nice to Draws and Co.

  34. jwbreb Says:

    Doc, Draws can handle himself very good, its BirdZ and Bully4prez the one that I worry about. The best JB

  35. FtMyersReb Says:


    After reading this blog, I wanted to thank you for your objectivity. As an Ole Miss graduate raised in Kosciusko (Bulldog Country), I understand the need for some to want a cheerleader of sorts. Living in South Florida for the last 4 years (Gator & Miami country), it’s always nice to get some type of info from back home. I think it takes being away and looking in from the outside before it is apparant how important objectivity becomes in reporting. 1) It is the facts, good or bad 2)It shows how much class we have. Biased reporting is unprofessional. That’s what the Op-ed section is for. I wish the national media outlets would follow suit.

  36. djrebel Says:

    FtMyers thanks for checking in. I do work at presenting facts and opinion where appropriate. Keep reading.

    — PA

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