FOOTBALL: Morning update

Here’s our print edition take on the first day of practice. I spent last night in town, a rarity, with Jeff Roberson of the Ole Miss Spirt. Jeff is a great host at his house. It’s like bed and breakfast without the breakfast. Great conversation though.

Media Day begins at 9:30. I’ll post some notes when it’s over. There will be a walk-through inside and the second practice in helmets and shorts outside later today.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Morning update”

  1. tmh Says:

    Just out of curiosity, where did Michael Hicks & Colby Arceneaux transfer? Any idea as to why, maybe lack of playing time??

  2. djrebel Says:

    Arceneaux went to Northwestern State in Natchitoches, La. It’s I-AA and he’ll be able to play immediately. Not sure where Hicks landed or if he’s landed.

    I really liked Hicks. He came across as a good kid. He’s a big-bodied player, and I think he got caught up in a group of faster receivers.

    — PA

  3. J. Moore Says:

    PA- I thought HN said that Hicks was one of the guys released b/c of his attitude? Am I wrong?

  4. djrebel Says:

    No, he did make that comment a few days ago. I found it odd, because I had good experiences with Michael Hicks, but I figure Nutt knows he’s talking about.

    At the risk of straying too far into psychoanalysis, perhaps Hicks assessed his position among the receivers and then his attitude soured.

    I don’t know. I just found Hicks to be a pleasant personality.

    — PA

  5. J. Moore Says:

    I bet your right. The way Andrew Harris looks he was probably right.

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