FOOTBALL: Wednesday practice notes

The defense had the upper hand in today’s practice, but that wasn’t enough for Peria Jerry. The senior defensive tackle challenged his teammates to “get on this team” in a PG-13 motivational talk at the end of the day.

“He cares, and that’s what tugs at your heart,” Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said. “The freshmen are trying too find their locker and wondering when’s the next meal. Those seniors know this is it.”

Jerry was a leader with his performance as well. The defense showed a number of different looks to quarterback Jevan Snead and his offensive teammates, and Jerry was consistently a disruptive force.

Powe’s Day

Jerrell Powe is still running third team at nose tackle. He really showed off his quick feet in the scrimmage work when he blew past backup guard Alex Washington and nailed running back Enrique Davis, who was attempting to make a block.

Powe was quick on the next play too, so quick that the encroachment flag was thrown.

When the team ran gassers at the end of the day, Powe was in the last fourth of his group, the defensive linemen, but he wasn’t last.

Running back rotation

Derrick Davis remains listed as the No. 2 running back behind starter Cordera Eason. In the scrimmage work Derrick Davis was the first back in behind Eason. The order then went Enrique Davis, Brandon Bolden and Devin Thomas.

Nutt said it would probably be next week before any official depth chart moves were made.

Cornerback competition

Dustin Mouzon and Cassius Vaughn ran with the first team today with Marshay Green and Jeremy McGee running with the second team.

Nutt said he liked Mouzon’s work yesterday and elevated him to more first-team work today.

Nutt has consistently cited Green’s work in what has turned out to be a pretty spirited competition. Green’s motor is always running, and Nutt likes the energy he brings to the competition.

Other tid-bits

Free safety Johnny Brown (hamstring) is out, as coaches take it easy with the sophomore hoping not to have the injury flare up again. … Defensive end LaMark Armour is unable to fully engage a knee that began to bother him in the summer conditioning work. Armour will likely have surgery soon. … Freshman defensive back Lekenwic Haynes missed practice to be with his family after the death of an uncle. He is expected to rejoin the team Sunday night.

— PA


6 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Wednesday practice notes”

  1. stangreb Says:

    What is Dexter McCluster looking like so far?

  2. va reb Says:

    Good update, PA. Thanks. Larry

  3. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Larry.

    Stang, Dexter has looked fine. When the offense as a whole doesn’t do too well, as was the case yesterday, no individual player looks great.

    Mike Wallace had a nice catch, and Cordera Eason had a big gain on a screen pass. Enrique Davis and Brandon Bolden each had a good run, but they were running against the backups at that time.

    Dexter was a guy who had a bit of a heat problem on the first day, and it was evident (Groce alert! Groce alert!) that he’d had rice at lunch.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the offense has been pretty vanilla so far. While it was facing a lot of blitzing last night, the offense was pretty basic … no reverses and no wild rebel yet.

    — PA

  4. stangreb Says:

    Thanks PA. Enjoying the updates. I would love to get over there for practice, but time is of the essence.

  5. stangreb Says:

    Oh yeah, How do you get on Lockes high school page?

  6. jwbreb Says:

    I think that Snead will be under tremendous pressure from the SEC defenses that he will face this season. The reason being from all the publicity Ole Miss and the new coaching staff is getting. Also, he being a new QB in the league. I believe its going to be a very interesting season for the Rebs. GO REBS!!!

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