FYI: Today’s Agenda

I’m in the office most of today, trying to advance and conquer on a list of football tab assignments. The Rebels are back on the field at 5:20 p.m., another day in “shells” before going full-gear for the first time on Friday.

I left campus last night about 9:30 and the could see construction lights on in the north end zone and workers still working at installing the new video scoreboard. More of the panels were in place than were up there on Tuesday during media day, and remaining panels were boxed up and waiting away from the action.

— PA


4 Responses to “FYI: Today’s Agenda”

  1. stangreb Says:

    Will Saturdays scrimmage be open to the public? If so what time?

  2. djrebel Says:

    Everything has been open so far, so I assume the scrimmage will be as well. I haven’t heard differently. That openness will be scaled back a little beginning next week.

    The scrimmage is tentatively set for 12 p.m. Houston has not said if it will be in the stadium or on the practice field.

    — PA

  3. jwbreb Says:

    According to the Ole Miss site, the new video scoreboard operational 30 August 2008.

  4. jwbreb Says:

    Tonights Agenda: Saint and Cardinals, ESPN 700PM. Coach O, def line coach saints. Coach O, I believe left to Coach Houston and gang a very good Rebel defense. We’ll know when they face Memphis State or Memphis, whatever.

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