FOOTBALL: Watch the running backs

My feeling is the cornerback competition could linger, but keep an eye on the running backs in the coming week

The depth chart has been pretty fluid the first few days, but there could be some significant movement in the depth chart after tomorrow’s scrimmage, the first of camp.

Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt is excited about his freshmen running backs. To this point Codera Eason has been No. 1 with Derrick Davis, his teammate at Meridian High School, the No. 2.

“It’s a friendly competition, but at the same time it’s business. We compete day in and day out not just on the field. We compete in the weight room. It’s not like a battle where we’re all in each other’s face. They put me in, I do what I do, they put them in, they do what they do. Everybody has one big understanding, we all know we have a lot of good running backs now, and we know that only one man can get the starting job,” Eason says.

Eason says the running backs spend a lot of time together off the field, visiting at one another’s apartments and houses, playing video games and going out to eat.

Only one will be the starter, but three running backs are expected to play.

“Whoever wins, wins. We will just keep that big cohesive unit, whoever gets the job,” Eason said.

There’s a lot of upside to Eason. He’s big, strong and fast. He won’t go down at first contact, and he’s a guy that will look really good on a screen pass.

Enrique Davis and Brandon Bolden have stood out among the freshmen. Devin Thomas is in the mix too.

Enrique Davis and Bolden have hit the holes very quickly.

— PA


One Response to “FOOTBALL: Watch the running backs”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    Thanks, PA. This definitely looks like one of the stronger parts of the “successful season” puzzle. I think the competition will just make them better. And in the SEC, you can’t have too many good running backs. Keeping them fresh will be a great asset for us.

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