FOOTBALL: Saturday scrimmage notes

The injury list is growing. Today starting outside linebacker Allen Walker was added with a knee sprain of some sort. The severity is not known at this time.
Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he hopes the layout isn’t long. Yesterday, the first workout in pads, defensive tackle Peria Jerry sustained a knee sprain.
Today Nutt said Jerry would be out about 10 days. He’s a senior with a lot of experience and knows his way around. If he’s out and comes back around the 20th, he’s got 10 days before game day. Doable. Walker’s missing some valuable time though.
The loss of Walker could mean time with the first group for junior college transfer Patrick Trahan. Defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix says he likes what he’s seen from Trahan in terms of picking up the schemes. It’s about conditioning right now for a guy who had to pass 12 summer hours to be eligible.

In other news …
With the defense minus two starters the offense had some highlights in the 100-play scrimmage.
Quarterback Jevan Snead started things off on the first play with a 65-yard touchdown pass to Mike Wallace off a play-action fake. Wallace promptly went to the side with a strained hamstring, but the injury was said to be very minor.
Snead had a nice completion for about 40 yards on a post to Dexter McCluster, who also took snaps twice from the Wild Rebel formation.
Nutt credited Snead for doing a good job of managing the game and changing plays at the line.
There is no firm depth chart on the running backs at this time, but it’s clear the staff likes Brandon Bolden a great deal, and there’s a lot to like. Bolden is probably 75 percent legs and keeps them churning all the time. He got a lot of second-team reps today. He was the running back in the Wild Rebel formation, and he also is the No. 2 punt returner.
From the rumor mill, Michael Hicks, a wide receiver who left the team in the off-season, could be headed to Jacksonville State alongside former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Saturday scrimmage notes”

  1. roastbeef1 Says:

    The offense had a couple big plays today but it seemed like the O-Line struggled with the D-Line. I was impressed with Enrique Davis even though he didn’t rack up a ton of yards. Seemed like he found a few cut back lanes and such had could really hit his stride quickly. Snead looked really good too, especially on that play to McCluster. For the most part though, it looked like the defense was much farther along than the offense.

  2. djrebel Says:

    The OL didn’t dominate, but I thought Snead was really good with some short drop stuff as well as deeper in the pocket. Part of the lack of ground game today, I think, is attributable partly to how many different backs they were trying to see.

    — PA

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