FOOTBALL: Monday practice update

Not much new to report on Greg Hardy. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt said he and his staff originally thought Hardy had only a bruise to his right foot, then X-rays revealed a very small crack in the bone. …

For now junior Marcus TIllman will remain at tackle, instead of end where he’s started the last two seasons. That makes me think he’s pretty confident in Kentrell Lockett and Emmanuel Stephens. I thought when they signed Stephens that this might end up being a talented player, who might not make it to the field playing behind Greg Hardy on one side and Marcus Tillman on the other. It doesn’t look that way now.

Nutt on the chances for playing time for Jermey Parnell: “Because of his body, his size and his quickness, there are some things that he does very naturally. We still have time. There may be a package for him.”

There was another defensive line injury today when end Chris Bowers sustained a bruised knee in inside drills. It’s not belived to be major. …

Nutt said Saturday’s scrimmage “wasn’t too bad” and that players were graded on technique and effort. He didn’t specify any depth chart movement. …

Nutt thought today’s work was good for 10 or 11 periods but then got sluggish. He stressed the need to finish.

— PA


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