FOOTBALL: A few Thursday practice notes

We’re limited to four periods these days, which really is only enough time for role call, so here goes.

Peria Jerry was indeed at practice and in full dress. He went through the early drills that we saw, and I’m sure he’ll be held out of anything that might endanger his presently healthy status. Good move.

Starting tailback Cordera Eason was in shorts and the gray t-shirt as he recovers from dental work. In his absence freshman Brandon Bolden is getting most of the reps with the first group, followed by freshman Enrique Davis. Sophomore Derrick Davis and freshman Devin Thomas are getting reps too.

Sophomore wide receiver Markeith Summers was in a green No. 7 jersey. For a minute I thought I was seeing Brent Schaeffer. The green jersey signifies no contact.

Freshman defensive back Brandon Sanders was not dressed out.

Senior wide receiver Mike Wallace (hamstring) and sophomore nose tackle Ted Laurent (knee) were in shorts and t-shirts and jogging around the practice field.

Junior offensive lineman Reid Neely (Achilles) isn’t back yet, still in shorts and t-shirt.

— PA


2 Responses to “FOOTBALL: A few Thursday practice notes”

  1. va reb Says:

    Sounds like the injury situation is looking much better. Saw that the Gators had lost five players to ACLs…that’s amazing. Do yoiu think that all this is just because players continue to get bigger and faster?

  2. bigdraws Says:

    Nah, prolly just the steroids.

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