FOOTBALL: High on Justin Smith

His time with the ones may be nearing an end as Peria Jerry gets ready to return, but from the day Jerry went to the sideline with a minor knee injury, Ole Miss coaches have raved about freshman defensive tackle Justin Smith.

A 6-4, 280-pounder from Alpharetta, Ga., Smith has been consistent in workouts, and that’s the biggest thing defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix is looking for. Here’s what Nix had to say about Smith, who has jumped ahead of sophomore Lawon Scott and redshirt freshman Justin Sanders.

“Well he’s smart. That’s the first intangible, and he has a lot of heart. He has a lot of passion, and he has outstanding quickness. The thing that Justin lacks right now as a true freshman (6-4, 280) is the ideal size. All the other intangibles he has, and he competes at a high level.

I think he’ll make freshman All-SEC if he plays this year … and if he plays the way he practices.”

— PA


3 Responses to “FOOTBALL: High on Justin Smith”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, keep the profile of those Ole Miss players coming in. I thank you for giving us this info. My endorsement of the Gators today almost got me thrown out of my house. Close family members are Noles. They know that the Gators are winners and that Bobby gets his order from Mama. I still have my good Dawgie friends down in STARKVILLE, they will stand-by me. They don’t play the Gators this season, so I can get support from them.

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    This is the OG for Gators that Jerry or Justin will face on 27 Sep 08 at the swamp: #63, Jim Tartt, 6’3″ 315 lb, from Sopchoppy, Fl. all SEC, Major: Anthropology.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Jimmy.

    — PA

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