FOOTBALL: Catching up with the linebackers

The classroom was Patrick Trahan’s focus this summer, having to pass 12 summer school hours to graduate from Northwest Community College. Every time you ask about Trahan during camp the answer is the same – outstanding ability but out of shape.

So exactly what did Trahan do this summer for a little physical conditioning? “Well, when somebody wanted to throw the football I’d go out with them,” he said.

Probably there was a little more, but to hear the players and coaches tell it, maybe not much more.

It appears, however, that Trahan’s conditioning is coming, and when he brings that 6-3, 228-pound package with his speed, you’ll be able to feel the hit in the stands.

Trahan is running second team behind Ashlee Palmer at the “Will” linebacker position. Defensive coordinator Tryone Nix stressed to us his intention of teaching Trahan only one position at this point in time.

Ashlee Palmer, meanwhile, is more versatile and can play the “Sam,” or strong side backer position that he played last year.

Starting Sam linebacker Allen Walker just returned to practice in a limited role Thursday. Lamar Brumfield held the position in his absence.

It won’t be shocking to see Palmer playing some Sam to create room for Trahan to get on the field. I think those three outside backers – Palmer, Trahan and Walker – will get their share of snaps.

Looks like an improved Tony Fein is pushing Jonathan Cornell in the middle, but I expect Cornell to hang on there. They say Fein was an attitude problem that has gotten better. Fein had the run-in with an academic person not long after this staff got on board.

Overall it sounds like a good camp for the linebackers, a position that had been an area of concern.

— PA


7 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Catching up with the linebackers”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Just how thick or thin will OM teams be this season? Thank they will be able to muster enough strength in 4th quarters to survive charges by opponents?

  2. djrebel Says:

    You know they got to the fourth quarter a number of times under Ed but weren’t able to finish. I do think they’ll be better there, but that remains to be seen.

    — PA

  3. TrueReb Says:

    PA, how is our freshman QB looking?

  4. TrueReb Says:

    and is there any other freshman that we can get excited about? Other than the RB”s and the DT.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Nathan Stanley has looked good, but in a perfect world he’d be redshirted. Keep an eye on Jared Mitchell and Lekenwic Haynes on defense.

    — PA

  6. rebnutt Says:

    any chance that they’ll use J. parnell on the field goal & extra point defensive side in the middle–seems like he might have the potential of a J. Peppers (NFL Panthers) there with his height. The Panthers shift him from end alot on those plays. Can you ask Coach Nutt this or if they’re considering it? Thanks.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Yes, I’ll ask. Nutt talked the other day of a “package” for Parnell. He didn’t get into specifics, and we got off on something else, but I bet that may be the package since Parnell is still running third team. Tonight may tell a lot about what they think he can do.

    — PA

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