FOOTBALL: Video board update

A group of us spoke with associate AD John Hartwell earlier this evening. He told us work continues on schedule – for the most part – for installation of the new Daktronics video board at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium.

The part of the board that faces the stadium and the sides of the stadium is expected to be complete for the Aug. 30 opener against Memphis.

The part of the board that faces the outside of the stadium – the north parking lot that extends to the new athletics building – will not be complete. The part will include the university seal and the script “Ole Miss” that has been very popular atop the baseball scoreboard at Swayze Field.

This back side of the board will be complete for the second home game against Samford on Sept. 13.

Even without the completed back side, the front of the board is expected to be fully operational for the Memphis game.

“There will be several full dress rehearsals,” Hartwell said.

The video board will be on-line, and tests will begin Thursday. Tests for the sound system will begin Monday.

Trees around the board will be trimmed Thursday.

Daktronics personnel will be on campus Sunday for training and will stay through the Memphis game. At least one Daktronics person will be on site throughout the board’s first season.

— PA


5 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Video board update”

  1. oxfordrebel Says:

    PA, anyway you can get a couple of snapshots of the new video board next time you’re in Oxford? I’d love to see an updated pic since the last ones I saw…

  2. djrebel Says:

    Yep. Look for that Thursday evening.

    — PA

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    Thanks PA

  4. rebmus Says:

    ^There’s a link of a picture, lifted from Nafoom.

  5. slxzomuy jryhqlo Says:

    qpblzig kylgtoji suwo qmdkzni ziobucwp lwaxegd lcijspu

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