FYI: Yes, it really happened

From the strange but true department of college football, I came across this yesterday.

It seems that Coke chose SEC coaches Tommy Tuberville, Nick Saban and Houston Nutt for an ad campaign that was supposed to feature life-sized cut-outs of the three men enjoying Coke products.

Nutt saw his cut-out and was surprised to see it much shorter than he is.

Turns out all three cut-outs were made the same size, because Saban apparently didn’t want to be seen as so much shorter than Tuberville in Alabama supermarkets.

Coke decided to make all coaches the same size in the cut-outs. No word as to why it was decided that Tuberville and Nutt would be shorter. Why not just make Saban taller?

— PA


35 Responses to “FYI: Yes, it really happened”

  1. VA Reb Says:

    Unbelievable…Saban should stick to coaching and not worry about his height. He should be worrying about beating Tuberville…I can see this story hitting the late-night TV shows.

  2. BirdZ! Says:

    HA!! Good story PA. Thanks for posting it. Shows you what an egomaniac Saban really is.

  3. tmh Says:

    maybe Forbes should follow up with next month’s issue with “SHORTEST coach in sports”

  4. bigdraws Says:

    You’d have to put Ron Polk, Ray Tanner, and Lou Holtz on that list as well.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Draws, I would add Frank Solich to that list. I’m not knocking these guys. I salute them, since my family and I are vertically challenged as well.

    Gene Phelps says add Terry Bowden to the list.

    — PA

  6. MB Says:

    I would love to hear Tub’s comments on this!! He’s probably laughing like a wild hyena down on the Plains.

  7. J. Moore Says:


  8. paul kelly Says:

    just one more example of the butt kissing of alabama by the media.

  9. tlcreb17 Says:

    Okay, DJRebel…you are solely responsible for coming over here and helping me up off the floor, as I am incapacitated from laughter! My sides are aching…what a dweeb!

  10. jthomas666 Says:

    More anti-Bama spin from the media. What they’re not telling you is that they HAD to make Tuberville smaller–otherwise his ears would have blocked the aisles.

  11. tempebamafan Says:

    “because Saban apparently didn’t want to be seen as so much shorter than Tuberville” what source do you base this presumption on? for something to be apparent, some sort of evidence must have been uncovered or presented that supports the claim. (apparent: adj according to appearances, initial evidence, incomplete results, etc.; ostensible rather than actual) No one has cited any sources in this matter, so the proper way to describe this would be to say “I’d assume that Saban didn’t want to be seen as shorter than Tuberville”.

    I’m guessing Houston Nutt’s belly and Tub’s ears will look closer in proportion to a normal human being as well. So can we assume they also had a hand in this?

    More likely, is that Coke made the decision to print them in a uniform size due to printing, packaging, distribution, and setup logistics. After all, a giant company like Coke thinks about all of these co-branding issues before they launch a campaign. At least I think it’s safe to assume so.

    Also, Nick Saban doesn’t have time for that xxxxx.

  12. Right Says:

    I believe everything I read on the internet! I especially believe it if it is prefaced with “FYI: Yes, it really happened” Good enough for me!

  13. jpaul86 Says:

    I’d like to see where you actually “came across this” bunch of crap. Its probably just coincidence, somebody made a comment about why saban wasn’t shorter, and then soem idiot decided he was gonna start another rumor. It’s starting to get rediculous, all the junk that gets made up about this guy. Leave the man alone.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    “It’s starting to get rediculous”

    I thought it was blue-diculous or maybe even green-diculous. But definatly not Red-diculous.

  15. InTheBlimpAlot Says:

    Who is…Ray Tanner??? Is that the kid from The Bad News Bears?

  16. bigdraws Says:

    Head baseball coach for South Carlolina.

  17. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    bigdraws Says:

    August 21, 2008 at 2:27 pm
    “It’s starting to get rediculous”

    I thought it was blue-diculous or maybe even green-diculous. But definatly not Red-diculous.

    Draws you got me puzzled here, but I’am with you.

  18. bigdraws Says:

    Braves, is that you???

  19. matt Says:

    he is saying that because the word is spelled ridiculous not REDiculous

    look at all the bammers getting defensive…. good stuff. especially the one who put definitions in his post so the other bammers can understand what hes saying. classic.

  20. matt Says:

    also, i agree that saban probably doesnt have time for it due to the fact that he is too busy trying to post bond for his players.

  21. bully4prez Says:

    just stay with us JB. stay with us. we’re not gonna lose you like we did fun2b.

  22. jpaul86 Says:

    nope meant it how I said it guess I should have put REEEdiculous instead to show emphasis and then maybe I wouldn’t get more RIDICULOUS comments about spelling 🙂 Thanks.

  23. bigdraws Says:

    I hate spelling smack, but I couldn’t resist that one. And go to hell Bama.

  24. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    bully4prez : Bully man, I am with you all the way. You are one of my hero’s. What happened to fun2b?
    I don’t thinks Braves venture out over here. He might shoot some one.

  25. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Bully you’ve gotta get rid of that avatar.

  26. bully4prez Says:

    whats wrong JB? you don’t like Ms. Grace?

  27. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I am scared to watch her program. Affraid that she is going to cast an evil spell upon me and that I would vote for Obama.

  28. Braves Dawg Says:

    Rammer Jammer Yella Hammer, GO To Hell Alabama!!!

  29. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Braves, I didn’t thinks that you roam over on this side. Could it be that you are becoming an Oxfordian(or however they pronounce that word) now/

    I believe that you are a poet and don’t know it. A good day to you.

  30. Jeremy Says:

    thats weird, the SEC is super competitive in EVERYTHING

  31. AtlantaJ Says:

    When advertising is noticed and discussed, it is music to an adman’s ears, especially when I am that adman! Yes, I am very much involved in this campaign and yes, the reason we made all of the coach uprights the same size (rather than life-size) is because one of those coaches– I won’t say which one– demanded that his upright not be shorter than the others.

  32. Ecart Yeldab Says:

    The Bama Beat writer for the Birmingham News say you are full of it….


    Posted by IanRRapoport on 08/21/08 at 4:44PM
    FYI: I checked on that about all the cutouts being the same height and was told it was totally bogus.

    Inappropriate? Alert us. Post a comment

  33. djrebel Says:

    Yo Ecart, I would expect the Alabama side to believe it’s bogus. I stand by my multiple sources.

    — PA

  34. Ecart Yeldab Says:

    I’m with ya DJ. I know that Bama spin machine better than most….


  35. krash Says:


    It’s spelled: definitely.


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