FOOTBALL: Video board work

Video board from North end zone parking lot.

Video board from North end zone parking lot.

Here’s a shot a few minutes ago of work on the video board. This back side is the side which will not be complete for the Memphis game, but that is not expected to affect the front side which faces the inside of the stadium. You can see the back side message board here, and the back side will also include Ole Miss in script, which has been a popular feature on the baseball scoreboard. The back side is expected to be complete for the second home game against Samford.

— PA


14 Responses to “FOOTBALL: Video board work”

  1. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Thanks PA for your time and effort in getting this picture and Ole Miss sports reporting to us. A great job that you are doing, I appreciate your efforts. Jimmy

  2. djrebel Says:

    Thank you Jimmy. Stay away from falling trees.

    — PA

  3. oxfordrebel Says:

    That pic is very deceiving, it doesn’t look as big as it is unless you compare it to the guy that is walking around on it, that thing is HUGE!!! Awesome pic PA, thanks

  4. rebmus Says:

    The Powetron is now operational… according to rumors.

  5. bigdraws Says:

    “it doesn’t look as big as it is unless you compare it to the guy that is walking around on it, that thing is HUGE!!!

    Sounds like a girl I know.

  6. rebmus Says:

    Crappy pic, but thanks to Nafoom, here’s a pic of it working.

  7. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    PA, no falling trees yet, other than a tree limb that the Sgt Major chases on this ole grunt around with. The weather look normal now, suppose to have some wind and heavy rain later on. Nothing unusual for this part of the country this time of year. We are coming into the peak hurricane season now, September. We just have to hunker down and try to ride them out.

    Hope the Powertron that rebmus is speaking of is not this: Powertron Ltd Low-cost UK manufacture and design of Custom Power Supply and converters. I will need to get my electronic engineering genius Bully4Prez check this thing out.

    Draws, Mrs. Draws aware of this? if so you may be camping out under this HD score board or the one down at State waiting for tail gate parties..

  8. bigdraws Says:

    I said I know a girl. I don’t knooooooow her though. Sheez Jb, you dirty old man.

  9. farley662 Says:

    I went by last night while they were testing it. Very impressive.

  10. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    By chance, you didn’t see Draws camped out under neath that thing did you?

  11. bigdraws Says:

    I was there JB. I think Farley must have mistaken my big screen for the video board.

  12. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    HA,HA!!!Farley can’t tell the difference.

  13. farley662 Says:

    Yeah, I only work with electronics and have everything you could imagine. Plasma, Tivo, DVD, 360, laptops, Bluray, Ipod, etc. And yes JB, those all use that new thing called electric lights.

  14. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    I have got to get my EE, The 4Prez in for an interrepter.But on the other hand, I probably wont understand what the Bully Man has to say. So just take your word, Farley.

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